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Today, I read that using vegetable oil would give your legs a smooth feel, especially if you haven't shaved for weeks. So I tried it out. My legs felt slimy, the oil clogged up the blades, and I was reduced to shaving my legs with a naked razor head and soapy water. Endlessly smooth indeed. FML
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kitsuneluvuh 12

You idiot, you use a tiny amount of oil AFTER you shave!!!

I've never heard of shaving your legs with oil.... apparently it's a bad idea.


I've never heard of shaving your legs with oil.... apparently it's a bad idea.

Well, at least she did it on her legs before she went "down under."

iv also heard that using smiths chips gets rid of dandruff.

SmallTownCutie 0

I really don't understand how you don't shave your WEEKS. I start feeling gross after not even a week. Hairy anything is not very comfortable. Just my opinion.

try mayonnaise in your armpits. it doesn't help with shaving just convenient if you need some. personally that's where I keep my cash. you don't wanna know where my credit card is.

only if you promise to get it out. it's been stuck there for weeks.

as long as were talking about your ****** or anus, then yes I promise.

anus. my brothers. but you have to do it you promised.

and so I just saw the 'your'. dammit. I almost had you. you and witty self. one day I will have you.

I don't think you were supposed to shave with it. I used olive oil with other things as a facial scrub and a hair treatment. it seems like an after thing.

I'm assuming you were trying to call her a stupid woman... but my katakana is pretty bad. But I know the first two characters are Ba and Ka, wish is usually in Hiragana, plus I think that's Ya and Ro and the line makes the Ro extended...which I have no clue what it means. Care to translate?

Wow how much did u use? And what kind of razor did u use? Next time try a little piece of your leg for an experiment wit a tiny bit of olive oil less is more! And use a disposable razor with it, but lotion or conditioner works great also use a body scrub (like the ones that are sandy, like sea salts-ish kind no liquid just pure grainy scrub) on your areas to remove any ingrown hairs and then hair conditioner to shave then after dry your legs and put something like baby oil or vitamin e-oil!! And they shud be baby butt smooth!!!

Cheekylozza 3

Sounds vile, Just try some lotion cause that's what it's for like..

you_freak 7

What is really vile is that she hasn't shaved for weeks!

charlieohcharlie 12

No, it's not. Big whoop she hasn't shaved.

mmmmmm slimy legs ima guy I try to shave down there every week... I'm not gay

ooh 36 it's good keepin it nice and clean. for no one.

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theRovingMage 0

Youfreak, sometimes girls don't have time to spend shaving their legs, especially in the winter when we're wearing jeans all the time anyway. It's not a requirement of living. I didn't sign a contract at puberty that demanded my legs be shaved three times a week, rain or shine. OP, try oil after, as the other posters said. Also, try using conditioner instead of shaving cream; it works quite well.

I could be wrong but I think they meant that the slimy legs and clogged razor were vile and not the fact that the OP hasn't shaved in weeks. That makes the most sense in this context.

Autoshot 9

you_freak: "What is really vile is that she hasn't shaved for weeks!"

you_freak 7

I am a girl, and I know that. But not shaving for weeks just shows how she cares about herself. I personally hate hairy legs and how it feels. Sue me for having an opinion on a Comments Page!

Youfreak, have you ever thought that her leg hairs aren't really that bad. I know I can get away without shaving for probably 2 weeks before you can even start to notice, its only after a month that I feel kinda gross about it. Some people just have fine pale hairs, others have coarse dark hair.... What works for you doesn't necessarily work for them..

I'll sue your ******* ass for being a bitch if I wanna and I'll WIN!

the hairs on my legs grow so slowly that I could shave my legs today and a week and a half later I still wouldn't feel any stubble, how girls shave their legs 2-3 times a week is beyond me

White_Fury 0

Should have googled that first!

wow this is the third time ive seen u comment on people fmls hahaha ur really getting into it arent you :)

alaaloo_fml_fml 0

Eh I have never heard of that before... live and learn. Try shampoo and/or conditioner OP.

kitsuneluvuh 12

You idiot, you use a tiny amount of oil AFTER you shave!!!

dudeitsdanny 9

It makes sooooome sense to do it after you shave.. But why would you oil up the hair and then shave it off? It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm glad I don't have to shave my legs.

collegegirl87 0

Women don't have to either. It's just gross if we don't lol.

I agree girls don't have to, 79, but how is it gross? It's just hair that naturally grows on your body.

Just goes to show you can't believe everything you read....yikes.

schwancy 2

Any type of oil will make your skin slimy. That's what oil does.