By Anonymous - 01/01/2013 19:34 - United Kingdom - Cheltenham

Today, I discovered that if I turn my shower off for a minute, then back on again, the water comes out scalding hot. I discovered that while the showerhead was pointed directly at my genitals. FML
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It's an easy and effective method of female masturbation.


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I wish my shower at least got hot

You can change the maximum temperature of your water by increasing the temperature valve on your house boiler.

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And now she has a singed minge

I guess she wasn't gently with her genitals...

I usually let it run and adjust it to the perfect temperature before hopping in. Even if you turn it off then on you should always wait a second! Lesson learned OP

Ouch. Did you turn the shower off while you soaped up?

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Erm... Not quite. I believe OP was having a bit of fun.

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Maybe because she was washing her genitals?

It's an easy and effective method of female masturbation.

And exactly why are you not wearing clothes in your picture?

Too bad OP had to learn this the hard, painful way

10- You noticed that, too? OP is a female or at least that is what FML says.

21- Hard and painful isn't always a bad thing. ;)

she was trying to clean them. she probably cut it off to answer someone

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I'll bet you she had one of those shower heads ;)

Some of us actually clean our privates

Edit: I wouldn't know, I'm not a woman. Then again, women are *******.

I hope your genitals weren't too hot to pleasure in your dreams.

Wait, is somebody pleasuring her in her dreams whilst she sleeps in the shower in a completely conscious state? I gotta say, your comment was thoroughly all over the place.

I believe his comment is a reference to a previous FML in which the OP has wet dreams about pleasuring himself.

Did you burn yourself? That would be really painful :/ Hope you are ok!

Hmm... Context clues tell me the water was "scalding hot", and it was pointed directly at her genitals. Try this, and let me know if it burns. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say she was, in fact, burned.

No she didn't burn herself. The water was scolding hot. She got frostbite.

55 - If the water was scolding hot, she would have been scolded, not frostbitten nor scalded.

Actually it is scalded. Scolded is a different adj.

58- Hear that... It's the sound of that joke going right over your head

69- Hear's the sound of 58's joke going right over your head.

...That's why you stand outside the shower, and test it with your hand before you get in. Why'd you turn it off then back on again, anyways?

Some people have to pay for their water consumption so I don't know if that's OP's case but if it is that could be a reason. Some other people have what you might call eco-consciousness where they wish to diminish their impact on our eco-system. I hope that opens your eyes a lot more and will help you think before posting such idiotic comments again. OP at least now you know of that peculiar particularity your shower has. Quite strange though that you never noticed it before. Anyhow I hope you didn't burn your genitals OP and be careful next time!

That response was a little harsh. Calm down, killer.

25 - you can easily do both. I own a sort of bassin which i put in the shower (mine takes ages to heat). this way i dont lose any water and i dont have to take a cold shower. the water in the bassin can then be used to cook etc.

Well, Op may not want to cook with water that comes out of something they press against their genitals.... but they could always water the plants.

I think the explanation that he is looking for and probably the simplest is she suddenly got an urge to pleasure herself and turned the water back on. You don't have to be a forensic masturbator to figure that one out. BTW my I phone actually recognizes the word masturbator.

I'm hoping I simply misunderstood that, because at first glance, it looks like you cook with your "recycled" shower water....

haha no i dont cook with my recycled water :) i use it indeed to water plants or to cook it to put in hot water bottles, use it for the radiator etc. not to cook food with :) i wrote that comment half asleep, i see how it can be misunderstood. i onlu wanted to proof to 25 that you can be eco friendly without having to do things like taking cold showers :)

When did I ever talk about cold showers? I only said some people might want to turn the water off while soaping and back on to rinse... The water thus stays hot and none of it is wasted! I also wrote my first comment drunk shitless at 4am (I think..) and still wonder how I managed to be such an ass! It wasn't meant to be so mean! *takes stick out of ass*

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What were you using your shower head for before you discovered this?

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Masturbation. It's easier that way.

it also makes you less sensitive in that area if you do it to often. could be a problem for future boyfriends...

Only if you keep burning the crap out of it.

39- it depends on how hard the water is. Some people like it to feel like a broken dam wreaking havoc on their sensitive bits while others prefer a gentle trickle tickling and teasing, and many more prefer something between.

Just gonna say it, this thread is awesome!

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Am I the only one who feels no type of sensation when I put my shower head down there?

I wish I had your shower! Mine takes a while to heat up.

Now your not a liar when you tell everyone how hot your junk is :-)