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Today, I tried to prove to my girlfriend how much I've matured and that our relationship comes before anything else in my life. So I went to delete my character in World of Warcraft. I tried to confirm it, but I couldn't, breaking down in tears instead. FML
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It's always a hard life for us video gamers. I empathize OP.

**** that! You shouldn't have to delete anything you don't want to man! If she can't accept that you play WOW or any other video game, she doesn't love you for who you are. Live your life how you want to! Not how she thinks it should be lived


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Das_is_gud 11

Now he needs to keep attempting until he accidentally clicks confirm.

**** that! You shouldn't have to delete anything you don't want to man! If she can't accept that you play WOW or any other video game, she doesn't love you for who you are. Live your life how you want to! Not how she thinks it should be lived

I think it's pathetic when a girlfriend (or boyfriend) makes their significant other delete/sell a game that he or she enjoys to play.

I think it's perfectly fine to get upset about it. I was upset at the fact I lost access to my YouTube channel which I had worked hard on which I'm sure OP would feel the same as OP has put time into tge character. You shouldn't have to delete your character to prove anything to your girlfriend you can change the amount of time you spend playing it and still enjoy time with your girlfriend.

It's about moderation. You don't have to delete your character or stop WOW altogether.. Can't you just reduce the time spent on it?

I hate when couples start acting like parents towards each other -.- don't let her tell you what to do, op! Fine if she's like "sweetie, you're on the computer all the time could you please start hanging out with me some more??", but if she just commands that you stop playing then you should stand up for yourself and not listen to her!!

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It's a big red flag for a girl, except, you know, if they play the game or they don't care if you play it.

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#2, or the girl can get over her self and stop trying to take him from things he loves to do. He can love both you know. Games and her. She doesnt have to be the center of his life.

spekledworf 18

@29 way to be sexist. I know more girls that play video games than read magazines. Sometimes video game addictions can seriously interfere with people's lives.

In what world are girls addicted to magazines ??? I'm a girl and I'm not addicted to magazines, I don't think I'm addicted to anything for that matter, except FML I guess :p.

#78 how is he being sexist? I hate your type of people; not only are you offended by everything, but you're very hypocritical when it comes to the same thing happening vise-versa. Unfortunately, there are a lot of you around and you're very well-portrayed by the media.

That's what I was stating. Go figure that this is the internet and people take things out of context. I don't even buy magazines at all, and I play video games. But it isn't hard for me at all to put away the controller to spend time with my boyfriend. If someone is breaking down over the thought of giving up a video game (which doing so denotes recognition of the vice), that's an addition issue. And with any addiction, you have to weigh what you're holding on to against what it can damage.

#82 different people are addicted to different things. I'm sure there a lot of women addicted to magazines and a lot of guys addicted to something other then video games. In fact, I'm a gamer and game collector but I'm not at all addicted.

#87 OK, now I can sympathize with you. Gaming is a perfectly acceptable hobby that is looked down upon by the media. But addiction to gaming or anything of the sort i don't like, which is why i stay the **** away from WoW.

I really don't see a red flag, if he'mature he will find the way to play and have time for his gf, I don't see why he has to give up the things he love

87, I understand that WoW has a reputation for taking over lives, but being upset over the idea of losing a character OP put a lot of time into isn't that extreme. I cried when my foxx profile was corrupted; I was < 100 points from general on Halo Wars, had all but 3 achievements on Fallout 3, had 3 characters level 50+ on Borderlands 2, etc.. It sucks to think about how long it took me to get it all. But I'm not an addict. I have a full time job, keep the house in order, and spend time with my husband and family. I don't, however, read magazines.

At least you're not into Skyrim... Listening to a boyfriend who loves Skyrim more than life itself gets exhausting.

spekledworf 18

@86 it is sexist and I'm sick of these dumb ass stereotypes!!! I was arguing with a guy about football and he said my opinion is invalid because I play with barbies. **** this shit. (and I never played with barbies). You can hate "my kind" all you want, but the world is changing. It's time to put an end to these stupid stereotypes.

Maybe he is just an emotional person. I personally have had experiences like that. It brings me to tears to try to delete anything that I have put a lot of time into or have made really good friends through. I doubt it's an addiction. It's probably more like the fondness he has for friends he has made whilst using that character or how much time he put into it.

#151 if that's sexist, then so is assuming that someone plays video games just because they're a guy. Now that guy who was saying that you play with Barbies is either really stupid or was losing the argument and couldn't think of a comeback. Now go watch feminist frequency and get off my case!

151 besides, even if you do see something sexist, the best way to put an end to it is to ignore it. We are all human beings, no matter our race or gender, and there are no laws keeping us from that. And if you think your way, those laws are discriminating against people themselves. Not only do they separate males and females in a political standing, for example colleges will now let in a less qualified black female over a more qualified white male to avoid getting sued.

#151- one more thing: the world is changing so that sexism against males is more of a problem than sexism against females.

spekledworf 18

I don't watch feminist frequency so stop makimg more stupid assumptions; and I am against stereotypes whether they are for males or females. I have a male friend with a disney obsession and he loves drawing princesses. He's great at it and anyone that picks on him is a douche. Guys don't have to be touch and brawny to be men. They can play with barbies if they want and that's okay. Most feminist fight to stop stereotypes and gender roles against MALES and females.

Maybe have a friend change your password to the account? So you can't play but it's not gone forever.

No it's not, his world doesn't have to only consist of the shit that she likes.

I don't think he should delete it. I am a lady and I loved playing my online games. My ex boyfriend hated that I played, so I kept the account, and played when he was with all his friends playing xbox. "hypocrite" As you know, he is my ex now, but I still have my game to play, and I didn't have to start all over. I also like to visit old accounts on old games and remember my yesteryears. Just try to play when she is busy with something else. Everyone needs a down-time hobby.

If you have to completely change who you are for a man/woman, they are not the man/woman you should be with.

It's always a hard life for us video gamers. I empathize OP.

Girls come and go, but epics are soulbound

That's a little sad, but you'll get over it eventually If you really love your girlfriend you'll choose her over WOW... Sorry if that was rude, I didn't mean for it to sound insulting or anything

Uh. No. You don't have to "choose" one over the other. You can easily do both as long as it's in moderation.

You can do both yes, but breaking down in tears is a little dramatic over a video game.

I disagree, consider the amount of hours put into the building of characters can be upsetting to just delete with a click of a button. It's like building models for years and having someone come along with a hammer and wreak them all.

ninety 25

Certainly nobody wants to see long work of any sort just thrown away, that i can agree with. But still, breaking down into tears over deleting a wow character IS extreme. Just cancel the membership, than your stuff is still there when you're ready to play again.

dannnngthatsux 19

Very true. you have memories, fun times, a history with the character. Now that you can really personalize the character, physical appearance, it's an even closer feeling than before. I spent 5 years, on and off, playing with my friends, and strangers, learning new stories, new strategies, earning better and better 'stuff'. I've not played in 3 years, I still get the Jones for it. It's kind of scary.

if she loves him she wouldnt make him choose between them, but help him divide his time better, or just play with him...

Set of epic purps... or real live human ******. I know which one I'd pick. The purps, of course. They're not so easy to come by.

From what I've heard a high level world of Warcraft account takes months of hard work.

AriBunBun 7

Getting the levels is easy these days, it's all about the gear though.

Gear isn't that hard anymore either. Just time consuming. Even FF14 is throwing the gear out pretty easy. In 11, it took me over a year to get my af2 pants. Not only was it in the worst dynamis, the drop rate sucked. Glad these things don't actually require the time investments that they use to. While still time consuming, there is no reason to not be able to enjoy both a game and a real life. I put a lot of work into my character, but even more work and energy into the things happening around me. While I cherish my friends I made 11 years ago on a game and still play with them, I cherish my family more.

Seriously. I quit WOW years ago but couldn't bring myself to delete characters I spent ages playing.

alex_the_tiger 14

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That's not at all fair. Just because he's found something he really enjoys doing and is having trouble giving it up for his girlfriend (note, not wife)? That could define the majority of the people in the world. Relationships are about compromise of wants, not abandonment, because that leads to resentment.

AriBunBun 7

My husband is 30 in March, and I'm 27, he gave me an Arthas figurine for my birthday/Christmas gift. A healthy relationship is a give/take mentality, two way street built on trust and care for one another. OP shouldn't have to be "choosing". And IMHO it's the girl who needs to re-evaluate. Unless OP is hurting himself physically that is (not eating or bathing, for example)

dannnngthatsux 19

Thank you! Hmmm. Arthas or a gnome...king of the undead or cute as a button. Hard choice!

The_Tenth_Doctor 14

At least you're not like that one kid who completely flipped out when his mom deleted his world of warcraft account.

arandomusernameaa 20

Or the guy caught jerking off too his WoW character... (it's on youtube)

I'm so angry I'm just gonna try to shove a remote control up my bum. wut

Its ok, its hard to let go of those things