By Thanh Quang - 31/01/2011 05:58

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she met someone else on World of Warcraft. I've been paying for her subscription. FML
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Sylverstone 2

Wow. That's just sad. Cancel the subscription for revenge?


agreeeeeeeed op go out to a club or a bar and meet someone new

bman134 0

why when she could meet someone on world of Warcraft and already know that they have similar interest

derpherp 0

Damn, thats harsh for OP. Losing a girl to WoW.

agree with 29... get out there. get a life away from a computer. it is so much more exciting!

hack her acc and delete it or better yet hack her toon and sell everything and give the money to some noob

5h1Ft3R 0

keevarou i couldnt agree more

lol cancel the subscription or delete her account and post the vid on YouTube for all to laugh at. I'm sure she'll go crazy.

Notice how OP is Asian. Way to go for making our race look bad. YDI.

ok this is pathetic, 1st off girls that play this game are either a) extremely obese, b) hideous or c) socially awkward, if you meet your significant other through a video game then FYL.. does your world revolve so much around video games and the internet that you need to have a relationship online, and then complain about it not workin out online too? seriously this is pathetic go outside you little boy and talk to girls, engage in conversation and get to know them, and idc this is the truth if people disagree your most likely just like OP.. do yourself a favor and put the game down, better yet burn it

I don't think you can read. It doesn't say HE plays the game does it.

138, Such a sweet talker. Bet you get a lot of women with that subtle charm.

ohhh sorry well im assuming he does since he pays for her account, do you have a stick up your back door, or are you always a prick?

and 138 i bet you get all the girls with your ohhhh so charming looks right?

Jerz, it'd be great if before commenting on someone having a stick up their ass, you didn't just rip someone apart for having a different lifestyle than yours. Not everyone can be as cliché as you, spending their nights in bars looking for "chicas". Try not being an insufferable douchebag next time you comment.

your right in sayin i shouldnt rip em apart but, its kinda the same story i hear everytime with this game, so i conclude alot of people that play this game are like this... and i was goin easy on him :D

I can't really comment on WoW as I've never played it. I just find it tiring that people look down their nose at online dating at make out like clubs and bars are the ONLY place you can find a date. I met my significant other online, 6 years ago and we've had a happy relationship ever since. Embrace the future. If life were such that we all had to live it the same way, it wouldn't be much fun don't you think? Just my $0.02.

rallets 22

did you seriously have to type it as "$0.02"?

xiShawnx 0

137, I think you are being way too sensitive. Most of us still know it's an individual.

number 111 your an idiot. bars are all 21 and older. and just to let you all know. he never said he played wow or was always at the computer. and if he had no life, he wouldn't have had a girl in the first place. he said nothing about stuff like this. and dude stop paying for her subscription. since your email is with your credit card number you can do account recovery and jack her account. change her password and delete her shit. and all her friends and messages too. I don't think she would remember her new wow lovers account name by heart anyways.

rbkhockey33 0

I love how the first people to talk bad about World of Warcraft are most likely the same people who spend hours on Call of Duty or other more "socially acceptable" games.

You're ******* dumb, OP never mentioned HE played the game, or that it was an online relationship. GG at being a ******* turd.

201 im in europe the drinkin age is 18 and most places serve at 16 ( which is too young imo) and older anyway so yes i can go to bars and clubs

alfredrog 0

203 - COD Is awesome, most WOW players are nerds (like OP' gf) OP let the bitch rot with her new bf, see if the nerd can pleasure her trough a screen

wow this is pretty stupid we have I think 1 fight and another emerging the first one was about how if you look like your from jersey shore you must speak Spanish another is fighting about 2 great games WoW and are both great so don't have a sh¡t fest over games, women, or anything else its pointless

rbkhockey33 0

218, there are a lot of "nerds" who play CoD as well. Many types of people play all sorts of games so its not fair to group all people who play a game as the same. That's like saying everyone who goes to the gym is a "meathead", as one example.

Jerz, do I look extremely obese, hideous, or socially awkward?? I play wow, and I'm the GM of an awesome and succesful guild. Stop assuming that every girl who plays wow is either "extremely obese, hideous, or socially awkard."

ill upload my pic when i get a chance. i love wow, and im not fat or socially awkward. i work two retail jobs. i wouldnt say im hot, but im not butt fugly.

yeaaa sureeeeeeeeeeeee 242, i wont even say anything, i wont rip you apart with a comment, ill leave it at that

rebekahah 7

242 if your deciding if your comment was helping or hurting... it was most definitely hurting. ;)

o Jesus this is an old threat but you are all being ridiculous. If people want to play a game let them. I play CoD, Halo and occasionally have played WoW. I'm a freaking model in a big city. Get over yourselves for saying shit about other people.

SmallTownCutie 0

only WoW players say WoW you fail too your a poser that tried to act like you don't play it too

MrsLender_fml 3

She meant it as World of Warcraft? not wow... you fail now. -_-

I think he knew?? you are the one not getting it

He's saying that only those who play World of Warcraft use the abbreviation WoW.

yourlifesfucked 0

LOL 64- You can be familiar with something without having ever done it. That's like saying that I must be in the FBI because I know what the acronym stands for. Never played WoW in my life and I can tell you all 3 expansions.

FYL, your ugly I feel so sorry for you.

Kawaiichan42 3

I agree with 10. I don't play because I have better things to do like school, a job, etc, but my boyfriend plays all the damn time. I know all the expansions, and quite a bit about the game because that's a lot of what he talks about. Doesn't mean I love the game, just means I'm around people who do.

number 64 your a jackass. do you play wow? you just called it "wow" the only people who say wow are people who don't want to spell out world of Warcraft all the time you idiot. ive never played wow in my life and that's what I call it. stop being a moron and get a life.

To clarify #101, there are 4 expansions...

243 - Noob, there're only 3: BC, WOTLK & CATA.

UnearthlyEnemy 9

It's like FML draws all the women and ladies who are pretty and dangles them in front of those who are desperate! They never know the person, they just see a face and a smile. tl;dr unrelated to the FML, pretty women on FML

no it's not pretty women FML it's pretty women FM

WoW just ruins other's relationships.... WoW is your relationship...

SmallTownCutie 0

So you're saying, **** their lives, but they deserve it? I don't understand.

he saying that because if he didn't pay for the subscription this wouldn't of happened.

I don't get how you & others think OP could deserve it. All they did was pay their subscription, you don't know if they have no life

That sucks. Though better it happens now then after you're married to her.

w2z1 0

Do you know what irony means?

45 I'm guessing they know as much about irony as alanis morrisette.

That's not irony at all, lol. That's a "pun". :P

it's also irony you retards.. he says op must not have game when he clearly does. it's a pun and it's ironic

Sylverstone 2

Wow. That's just sad. Cancel the subscription for revenge?

haha delete her account. she will go crazy

I guess your elf couldn't compete with his Orc

Hayman68 4

you have hurt my feelings #90. I guess I will have to go back to my career as a stunt **** for lesbians