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Today, I gave the option to my boyfriend of 5 years to either quit World of Warcraft of lose me. He said WOW makes him happier. FML
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Girls need to stop giving guys ultimatums. Why can't we have both?

Lemme never banged him???


Lemme never banged him???

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Greatest Freak out on youtube: Kid's mom cancels his WoW account: Not replying to #1 but this is seriously funny.

it wouldnt be the first time a guy has done this. WOW is an addiction it took me once i gave it up and im much better with people than i was. but on a side note i never put WOW before a girl i gave up before i became that bad


I used to play WoW and i think there is a point where a person can play it to much but i dont think you should make him choose between you and a video game because being a gamer id probably choose the game every single time because with a video game theres less drama, less emotion damage, there are no fights its pure entertainment just talk to him dont act on impulse and make him choose

I doubt it Also, YDI because ultimatums never end well

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I agree; YDI. Me and MY BF play WoW together =3

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Yep... if you really loved him, you would accept his flaws (which may include playing a ridiculous game for 19 hours a day). So YDI for making him choose.

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YDI Gaming rox and some ppl will never quit, including me!! WOW FTW!

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Girls come and go, but epics are soulbound.

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girls just always like to be the center of attention... im happy he chose WOW but he really shouold just tell her to shut up and take the dick lmao after sex everything seems right again...

yeh gaming is ftw. but i ALWAYS chose the girl over the game ;)

kinda a bitch move to make him choose

WoW and MacDonald's have ruined North America and what the world thinks of North Americans. MineCraft is the best addictive game out there (best game with the word craft in the title too).

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lol I wouldve done the same thing

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Pretty much the same. @OP WoW is more serious then you think.

yeah OP you have no idea the lengths people will go to keep playing WoW.

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FIVE YEARS of her knowing this and putting up with it. hmmm. why now?

Yeah, WoW to me is an escape from the real world and keeps me happy in ways people can't.

NEVER stand between a man and his prey... eeerrm Game

WTF, then rather let him lose you. But yes, perhaps he needs a bang to understand what he is losing out on, that female troll he follows around is just another guy not getting laid

"Girls don't play WoW" is not a true statement, and it is easy to prove a gender of someone who plays with a simple tool called Ventrilo. It's actually surprising how many girls play WoW ;) oh and tgh i know people who are now married that met over the game

Not always, a lot of females play WOW, just cause you don't doesn't mean others don't

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Girls need to stop giving guys ultimatums. Why can't we have both?

Indeed. Honestly, if you can't live with him and enjoy the things he does, you're not a good couple. You're kind of a bitch for making him choose between what he enjoys and what you want.

I think it's that he completely ignores her is the point.

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I second that (or third that, more accurately). Why make him give up his hobbies? Unless he does the same to you, let him have his fun.

Just another example of how selfish woman are.

Well, it depends on if it's impeding the progress of the relationship... otherwise, she was just being a total bitch.

to make this a little easier to understand picture a crack addict and give him a choice: crack every day whenever he wants it or the possibility of having sex once or twice a week with you, that is if you aren't tired, don't have a headache or just aren't in the mood. now does his choice seem to make more sense? also any lonely guy can jerk off but an obsession or an addiction is something for which there is no substitute. you deserved what you got and you're a selfish person for pushing that point.

Uhm..why the hell would you make him choose? That's just dumb. There is no reason to make him quit WoW. If he enjoys it..why the hell not? On a side note: WoW blows....just putting that out there..

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I concur. Don't give an ultimatum unless you're willing to accept both choices.

i agree and I am a girl. I'm not saying all girls do this, and not saying they don't. It's not like guys don't either, we are all people, but Making someone choose between what they like and want isn't really good for either. They probably wouldn't be a good couple, idk how they lasted for 5 years, sorry.

Maybe he was constantly playing Wow. Maybe she didn't mean to give up Wow completely, just cut back and spend more time with her. I kind of know how she feels, I had a boyfriend choose weed over me. I never actually said "Choose one" but I'd ask him if we wanted to hang out alone (which we almost never got a chance to do) and he'd always choose to smoke up with his friends. I tried to talk to him several times but he never tried to make things work, so I dumped him.

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Ur all nuts, WOW is just a ridiculous game that ruins people's lives, if I were a girl and in her position I woulda done the same thing she did. Kudos to you for doing that to him, but sorry he chose that f'n retarded game over u

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Personally I think #4 and #23 are right, I see how something like WoW could be a pain, but really, if you can't love him for what he is, then its prolly best you weren't together anyway...

now THAT is an example of you being a sexist prick.

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More people play WoW than the population of Greece. Seriously. GREECE. Yet, somehow, the world keeps turning. LOL

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where does it say that she is ugly? show me where it says that

If you ****** him you wouldn't have that problem

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Wth? What is with you people? Did it ever occur to you that he IGNORED HER for this game? Cancled dates and shit to play some dumb MORPG? no of course not, because all women just want to suck the joy from guys lives. F*ck you Aholes

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Where in the FML did it say he ignored her? Where in the FML did it say he ignored dates, etc? Stop making assumptions because you're making yourself look like an ass.

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Arnt all the others making assumptions too? Oh, shes making him choose because she dosnt want him to have hobbies other then her! That too is an assumption you hypocrite

The truth is, none of us could really know all the details of what is really going on with their relationship, but being an ex WoW addict I know damn well what's going on. I lost my girlfriend and a step-son because of my addiction to World of Warcraft. In the beginning of the relationship we were insanely in love with eachother, went out all the time, we were in shape, the sex was amazing, did it almost every day, morning and night. (so its not like there was a lack of sex that was the cause) Mid way through the relationship she got a hospital job and became a work-ahololic, and I got back into the game I had quit when we had started dating. It only led to me getting super addicted. The lack of sleep from both sides and always getting wakened up early from her son led to a lot of fights, and I let her move out because in my screwed up head I thought: "ok good now i have more time for WoW". That's some f*cked up sh*t right there. I didn't snap out of it until a few weeks later and after a year of asking for forgiveness and trying to get back with her, she still won't forgive me. A lot of people don't realize this game sucks the life out of you. I've heard a ton of stories where WoW ruins a lot of lives. I could write a book about this crap but I'll keep it relatively short.

Ok, 1) no where in the story did it say he ignored her for WOW. 2) not every person who plays WOW is completey obsessed with the game it might just be something he enjoys playing etc. 3) who the hell are you to call everyone an A-hole when it seems like you yourself play these types of games if you know what a MMORPG is. nuff said

If it's to the point where she has to give him an ultimatum to pick between her or the game (whether it was the right thing to do or not), then he's been playing the game too much. She doesn't have to mention that she's being ignored, that part should be obvious. Then again maybe he only plays an hour a day (which I seriously doubt) and she's super needy and clingy... but who knows. FML

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skulldudes u just made my day, ur the only person actually understanding this, everyone else are just ignorant pricks

The main reason is that you're an idiot just like most Wow addicts. I play every night for about 2 hours. Usually my girlfriend is asleep and the house is quiet. Now if you come home from your job and jump on Wow and play it every fricken second you need to quit. Everything in life needs moderation.

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Mvibes, if person B does something wrong, you don't tell person A that he's a hypocrite. you are an overreactive moron. It's always the guys who don't have English as their first language who get the angriest over the internet.

#117 is so right. I knew a GIRL who ignored her boyfriend who the game. He ended up ******* my roommate lol so much drama i was scared to go to my room again for a week

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No where did it say that he ignored her. Maybe she was just embaressed(sp?) that her bf played WoW. you don't know that he ignored her so stfu. but OP, you deserve it for trying to make him quit for you. selfish. I could understand if you asked him to not play it as much and to spend more time with you, if ignoring was the issue, but to just try to make him give it up, YDI

Never give guys ultimatums. It just makes us resent you, and chances are, if we like something enough that u feel u need to give an ultimatum, ur gonna lose

exactly OP-YDI, never give an ultimatum you won't like the result to. If you don't mind losing the bf, then go ahead

you should have tried talking to him about how it made you feel rather than forcing him to chose one or the other.

yeah.... if he loves it that much quitting completely is bit harsh.... couldnt she just ask him to play less?? im a girl, but if i was a guy and my girlfriend made me make a decision like that id break up with her...

Wow, Thwt proves he's a nerd. Go find a better guy.

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ahaha i know right. find a reallyy hot guy who plays WoW then shove it in his face.

My boyfriend is really hot and plays WoW, but he knows how to balance his time. I just tell him if I'd like to hang out and it usually works out. This girl must've had either a super obsessed boyfriend or she just doesn't like WoW. If it was the latter than **** her. She should get over it. If not then she's better off without him.