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I too cant see how people become so obsessed. I play occasionaly because my boyfriend does but I've never become so engrossed that I can ignore whats going on around me. Im a chick and can be seen as a gamer sometimes I guess but I will never understand people that have breakdowns when they cant play their video game for a day.

  boatkicker  |  4

I started playing a few months ago. The reactions I got from the people who I mentioned it to were ridiculous. "WHATDOYOUMEANYOUPLAYWOW!IDONTWANTTOLOSEYOUTOTHEGAME!" and I was like "Are you kidding me?" It's a great game, but I dont see how anyone could ever become obsessed with it, and if you aren't obsessed quitting isn't hard to do....and its also pointless to quit (unless you have an obsession) when someone gave you a 12 month subscription.

  Pablothe  |  0

Yeah it's like to quit smoking (or heroin addiction), all u gotta do is say, this stuff is gay and walk away... come on... if u've spent so much time on ur full epic paladin you are not just gonna quit...


Try telling someone who is addicted to heroin that WoW addiction is just like theirs, that's like the FML where some kid compared losing your younger brother to losing your cat

  nomadxx7  |  0

Actually cigarettes are more addictive than heroin. So comparing WoW and heroin isn't that big of a stretch. I say this lightly because yes WoW is a game but people jump on the "heroin is the worst drug in the world" when the legal cigarette is supposedly far more addictive and harder to quit.

  LMFAO_fail  |  0

...Pretty sure the "withdrawal" period for WoW is NOT the same as the withdrawal period for heroin.

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal include the following:

* Drug craving
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Mood swings
* Abdominal pain
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Runny nose
* Diarrhea
* Hot and cold spells
* Enlarged pupils
* Persistent awning
* Leg restlessness and spasms
* Sweating
* Goosebumps

Symptoms begin as quickly as 6 hours after a last dose of heroin and peak within two to three days. Intense symptoms of heroin withdrawal usually subside within five to seven days, but some symptoms -- such as depression and fatigue -- can continue for months.


  StaticDown  |  0

Well to each his own, I played once with a friend cause he couldn't believe I've never played before (the game just didn't interest me) and we played for about 12 hours where I said, no more. I could have played on but I just didn't want to, I already felt myself being dragged in. You got fed up of it, and I guess you could say, I did too after trialing it for a bit, I didn't want to play it anymore. I think it affects people like me cause they have this thing that really irritates me, I like having a completed mission before I leave a game. C&C is awesome cause when I finish a mission, it's over, and I can chose a next one or quit. But in WoW you never really have any completed mission at any given time, there's always more than one running parallel, and when you finish that one, along the way comes another one, so you keep going, on and on, and that bothers me cause I want to have a clean start when I next load the game, not have to remind myself how far I got into a mission and what I did for it, or something like that...

  stevenJB  |  25


  diet_otaku  |  0

i don't know that a subscription is the sort of thing you can "take back to the store", but OP should definitely explain the situation to his parents and see if they can get their money back.

By  tisiphone_fml  |  0

Re-gift it, man... I'm telling you this one gamer to another - WoW is really an addiction, and besides that, there are better MMOs out there that haven't been twisted horribly by expansions yet.