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  MissBunny25  |  0

28, I take offense to your comment. I am all of the above. try to think things through in a nicer way before you say them, stupid bastard. next time I'll sit on you.

  number1beaner  |  0

ha I thought it was a girl at first too, then I saw it was a guy. I think it's more sad that it's a dude. But op if you can't get laid on video game what you going to do in real life?

  Starcatch77  |  20

The sad thing about this is on the Sims, you can get pretty much any sim you want to like you, and even convince them to break up with whoever they're seeing. I've honestly never had a sim not get the guy/girl they wanted because you can pretty much force them to be with you.

By  SeasonedLemur  |  5

Trap him in a room by removing the door then put loads of fireworks and rugs around him! That's literally all I used to do when I had the sims 1 on my super fast windows '98 microwave of a computer!