By Nxydolli - 29/04/2011 19:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I found myself crying for an hour when my recreated crush on The Sims 3 game rejected my character and ran off with someone else. FML
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Not only is that sad on many levels but not even a character in game wants you so in that case FYL.


you're rejected in every virtuality, and break down crying. especial a male. men should be strong, such as myself.

Oh yeah I didn't realise this was posted by a guy, get a ******* grip mate you're pathetic!

maybe the game knows you're crazy like we do

this is even funnier since it was a male. he should have bitch slapped her across the fade.

love how this FML looks like it was posted by another one of those sad dejected obese girls who have apparently no one to love them, lol.

When what???? The suspense is killing me!!!

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I added this FML to my favorites just because of your picture 34, thank you for cheering me up :)

Assassin Z commemorates 45 for being insanely correct.

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28, I take offense to your comment. I am all of the above. try to think things through in a nicer way before you say them, stupid bastard. next time I'll sit on you.

57 lol you remind me of Fred.. not that I watch it.. lol

59- Whatcha gonna do, sit on m- oh shit. lol, you have to admit you thought OP was a woman.

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WTF? That's the weirdest thing ever :O

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:( that's not cool. recreate her on sims 2, they can't make conscious decisions in that game ;)

got to love people from Durham. we're full of freaks. :D

65 you must be new here... nothing I say is relevant or serious. not even this banana. 68, alright, I will piss on him just for you.

ha I thought it was a girl at first too, then I saw it was a guy. I think it's more sad that it's a dude. But op if you can't get laid on video game what you going to do in real life?

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You shed tears for stupid, computer programmed AI? Obtain pancake mix, sir. Please. For everyone's sake.

no the reason why she is crying is that her life is already so phatetic, that even her life on sims is also pathetic

and OP is a guy, I am thinking of one to many stereotype jokes right now

If it makes you feel better I just killed my kid on the Sims with slave labor

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That is a game for virgins who don't have a life and still live with their moms

Take your computer and trade it in for a gym pass. It will change your life.

ah so this is what people are doing without psn...

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What the hell happened to all my comments? I went to sleep and now they disappeared o:

What the hell? You need to go out & get a life.

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I punched a hole in a wall because of Fallout: New Vegas once. I know your pain OP.

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208 - the Fallout prostitutes rejected you, that's too bad...

OMG!!!!!! I love the sims 3 so much it's my fave game!!!!!!!!!!

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wow.,look at YOUR picture your in a field with cows...thats weird if you ask me.

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slayer447 17

245 was in response to 149

Your pic is one of Black Ops, your argument is invalid.

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i dont know the pain of having no life, sorry

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me and the person I "liked" on the sims 3 got married and had a kid.... oops bad timing huh?:)

You know bro I'll pull the trigger for you..

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This is even funnier because you're a guy. Lol.

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this fml is totally fake .... how can u believe it?

Not only is that sad on many levels but not even a character in game wants you so in that case FYL.

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Agreed. Time to get a haircut and get a REAL job!

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this must be a sign. you will fail at everything in life

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The sad thing about this is on the Sims, you can get pretty much any sim you want to like you, and even convince them to break up with whoever they're seeing. I've honestly never had a sim not get the guy/girl they wanted because you can pretty much force them to be with you.

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you should probably get outta the house more often, it'll do you some good...

it's sad cuz u care so much about a sim dude

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CommonSenseKarma 17

I bet op's young I bet he'll get a boyfriend eventually.

Trap him in a room by removing the door then put loads of fireworks and rugs around him! That's literally all I used to do when I had the sims 1 on my super fast windows '98 microwave of a computer!

What's even more sad is you actually let it get that far. Get a life.