By Teenagemum - 13/7/2019 20:30
Today, my father calculated that the only way we can afford to keep the house was if I get pregnant and claim child benefits. My family now won't speak to me because I refuse to do it. I'm 15 years old. FML
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By  KaD6  |  23

He should consider filing bankruptcy, at least talk to an attorney about it- he should be able to keep the house. It's horrid to go through but after doing an involuntary one in 2011 after losing my job, apartment, bank accounts, everything, it was the best thing that could have happened to me I now realize. I got out from the debts I had, made a new life, now I'm still debt free and saving money.

By  KittyMack  |  13

On the bright side, now that you have learned what worthless pieces of shit they all are, you will have a much more cheerful time watching them struggle. In your shoes I'd take huge delight in watching that cruel bastard lose everything. Fuck em. You don't need them- I've been on my own since 16 and I turned out alright. You can stay in a teen grouphome or get a foster family if you tell the authorities... record some of the conversations with your phone for evidence.

That's assuming this is real, which I really hope it isn't.