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Today, several family members, including my mum, deleted me from Facebook in a concerted show of contempt. Apparently, I just can't shut up about World of Warcraft. FML
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hey, your real life might suck, but that's why they made World of Warcraft.

Everyone has different tastes in things. Don't be an ass because you don't like it.


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YDI for playing WoW and posting lame stories about it on Facebook.

Everyone has different tastes in things. Don't be an ass because you don't like it.

hey, your real life might suck, but that's why they made World of Warcraft.

giantsfan2010 23

I dont play WOW, but if I did I wouldnt post about it on Facebook.

perdix 29

Why should you care? You don't need to waste time in your life with a bunch of losers won't go on raids with you. Get your priorities straight!

perdix 29

Sorry, Kay, but I'm not very handy at WoW. When I showed up there with my sarcasm, puns and jokety jokes, I didn't get past level 1.

noto_fml 0

if only I had u and docbastard during my battle of "FML jokes and sarcasm". now way I loose

Quyzl 0

We could have used you guys in the Eastern Plaguelands Rape Dungeon. We just kept getting screwed.

You play WoW and brag about it on Facebook? You are such a freaking loser. YDI soooo much.

They are right! See? Now you are talking about it on FML! Take the hint!

If you like the game so much, then play it, enjoy it, and don't feel the need to waste time on facebook telling everyone how much fun you could be having if you weren't on facebook.

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no not at all, but seems like you play that game, cuz you got offended obv. awww thats cute, go play in your fake world where no one can hurt you little boy

Some of my friends play that game, and, yes, they do have a life. It's okay to play as long as you don't become obsessed with it. Like the OP obviously has. It's actually a pretty cool game.

yea i figured you playedd, and illmatic hopefully they dont get obsessed and stay normal, and personally i dont care much for games, on rare occasions ill play xbox, but id rather go to the gym, beach, clubs, parties, or w.e and socialize in real life

kay i see you like to stick your nose in everything, so why dont you stick it up your ass? and for your info im usin my cousins laptop and the keys dont work properly, dont be a grammar nazi, everyone hates them as well as up tight bitches like you seem to be

rallets 22

hahaha i bet your a lezzie aint you? and people like you have only a keybard to hide behind, cuz people like you wont say shit to anyone in public, cuz your cowards.. its ok tho the world has to have *******, makes the world go round

you all may be able to beat me verbally, but physically youd all be on the ground, and thats what really counts doesnt it :)

and no i didnt click on your profile for your info dont assume shit numb nuts, and youd go to court cuz your scared, so whos the little girl? hmmmmm both you seem to be girls, grow a pair both you, pansies

rallets 22

someone said lezzie? thats my word lol

mcdojo? hahaha your a fag bro, try muay thai and mma, im not just talkin bout it, but believe what you want lil princess

Well ****, I'm all of *20 minutes* late, and JERZ has the banhammer up his ass already?? Dammit. I don't know what mod got the pleasure, but could you at least *call me* next time so I can watch? My new years resolution: to promote appropriate banhammering in 2011!

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...Were we seriously hating on each other over this? Lets grow up now :)

fakeaccountX 6

This argument was the most epic thing I have ever read.

BeastNerd 3

#77 Hahah, you're right. Kay, nice insults ;D. And, haha, Doc and Perdix.

All I have to say here is this jerz guy has some WoW issues and is being a total d-bag by saying he's some type of guy who has a system he never plays and just goes to the gym all the time. I play wow, I barely play. in the past 2 weeks I gave maybe played an hour. People play these games to get away from life for abit and talk about other things and do other things to relieve stress and etc. All I'm saying is there is no need for his comments and just because you play wow you are not some pale guy drinking energy drinks and staying up til 5 in the morning raiding everyday.

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^this. WoW players are no different from, say, CoD players. They play to have fun, a d some get obsessed.

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you look like vinny from jersey shore. people tell me I look like snookie :p