By wnrz - 18/02/2012 20:26 - United States

Today, I walked in on my mom changing. She was trying on a thong my boyfriend bought me for Valentine's Day. It looks better on her. FML
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ur mom stole ur thong because...?

that is very very weird. stds can be carried through sharing underwear you know. and #4, how old is your girlfriend, like nine?


ur mom stole ur thong because...?

I'll be the judge of that I need to see

pics or it didn't happen :)

why would you say it looks better on your mom??


Well, lets just hope your boyfriend doesn't think that too. Let's hope he never gets a chance to compare...

you're not. plus, that's gross!

he looks like dwight schrute! and that is somewhat hot-

that is very very weird. stds can be carried through sharing underwear you know. and #4, how old is your girlfriend, like nine?

#11 not everyone would appreciate a thong or like wearing one. Age is nothing to do with it. She may be a little conservative and when you do that to people who are. It is like saying she is a slut. Thongs are cool, i don't really care for them. Nor would I judge people for their clothes. You need to understand that not everyone lives like you do and respect their way of life^_-

#12, i understand that not everyone likes thongs and that is entirely okay with me. what i don't understand is why someone would cry and slap her boyfriend for buying her a thong.

12 to a religious person it would be very sexual and not appropriate for a bf to give to. Some would even be upset if their husbands gave them that. "do you think i am a slut?" slap because in her culture or beliefs she is being insulted and she would be hurt. think religious Klingon. rofl.

You're saying that people in sexual relationships don't allow their partner to purchase undergarments for them because it is sexual? If this is unacceptable to them then they should not be in a sexual relationship.

Eww.. i dont know if i could have handled that ... im even dodgy about touching my mums clean underwear off the washing line .... and to think that she took your thong and tryed it on, thats just weird, for me anyways. And for the guys that keep asking if you have pictures of you mum and a thong. YOU ARE DISGUSTING!.

#18 thank you. #20 haha. yeah. i think they are not just sick, they put an i into fml and changed the word around a bit. sorry bad joke. Anyhow. They need lives.

wtf??? why did she try on a thong your bf got for you??? i hope you didn't try it on before her? assuming it didn't go in the laundry....