I always feel like somebody's watching me

By Chris - 20/11/2012 05:03 - United States - Lakewood

Today, my ex-girlfriend was supposed to come pick up her things, and while I waited I took a nap. Thirty minutes later, I woke up with two police officers hammering on my door. They'd come to get my ex-girlfriend's things and said they were "watching me." That's the last time I date a cop's daughter. FML
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Mindwarp 4

Gf : i'm coming to get my things OP: Ok, i'm taking a nap.


Gf : i'm coming to get my things OP: Ok, i'm taking a nap.

pedosmurf 7

Pradip! You got a thumbed up comment! I'm proud of you.

You better hope she didn't take more than the stuff that was her's...

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Actually it would not surprise me in the least, and who would you tell if the did, the police?

unknown_user5566 26

24- Erm, yes, actually. If they did take things that OP could prove were his, I'm sure he could present the evidence to other (unbiased) officers, explain the situation, and probably get the items back. Either that or he could ask his ex, though given the situation, that option is not probable.

long story short even if they did take something of his he'd be screwed and just accept the loss.

Keep the story long. Your abridged version is inaccurate and frankly... stupid.

I think you are very slow in typing. Can't believe you lost the second spot, fighting against a comparatively long comment.

Minutes two slow four that... Quit wasting space on the internet. No one gives a shit anymore.

Yeah, but the ones that aren't crooked ignore the ones that are and that makes them just as bad.

You don't know what you're talking about mate

my dads a, cop and he's the most chill cop ever. if he's out in public and sees people smoking weed, he goes up to them, and completely scares the shit out of them, but he doesn't arrest them xD

JerryH 9

A shit ton of people in my town

That's some unprofessional conduct right there.

Mindwarp 4

God damnit, why can't I think of a clever cop pun to go with this!

I'm actually curious if the gf was just tryin to annoy her ex one last time with the cops or she was just being a bitch... If so SHE needs to give it arrest! 15- here's a pun that I think fails but I'll give it a shot: Shut the cuff up.

SApprentice 34

15- Give it arrest, I'm sure someone can think of something. I guess his ex was just a siren, he should have tried to evade that scene. Well, I guess it's official. He should have known better than to date above his station. It's all I got, and they're not that good.

SApprentice 34

I do so apologize, I reused the 'arrest' pun. I'm tired. *hides in hole*

15 Go eat a doughnut, that should help you think of something.

Alight guys, let's detain the situation. Nothing to see here...

longchow 8

Alright** Finally! I, an Asian, gets a chance to correct someone's spelling by replacing the "l" with an "r".

mowmowlife 21

It's actually 'get a chance' because you're referring to yourself, and Asians came secondly. An Asian person gets a chance, but you get a chance. (and you blew it)

That's very unprofessional of them. I'm pretty sure you did nothing wrong, you just broke up. There's no need for them to be "watching you". OP's Ex needs to move on instead of making a big deal.

MEM0817 18

How do you know he didn't do anything wrong? You never know...

Pretty sure he means in terms of the law.

You must have loved her so much, that you didn't care to ask about her parents.

I think he knew she was cop's daughter, he's stating he's never going to date another cop's daughter in case this happens again.....

Yeah, I just assumed he didn't know, my bad.

Should have asked them for a warrant before they could enter the premises

bybib 20

Actually if she had requested a civil stand by telling them that there may be issues in getting her things they were within their job and power. The whole we're watching you thing was a bit much though.

It's likely the ex girlfriend exaggerated a thing or two. OP didn't seem too worried about it seeing as he would be sleeping while she was over. So I don't see what the issue could have been.