By laurenmay - 06/03/2009 23:11 - United States

Today, I was working at Target when an old woman asked me if I could help her find her favorite bra. I asked what brand it was when she replied "I'll check the tag". She lifted up the front of her shirt, and flipped one cup of her bra inside out. I saw everything. FML
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sportyserfer903 0

target ladies gone wild! woohoo!!


On my bras the tags are on the

same with mine! that's what I was thinking when I read this fml. it must have been some cheap bra or something? I have never in my life seen a tag on the cup of a bra.

I guess you have a trauma for life now!

Spencer_fml 0

Ew i was eating, i feel so sorry for you.

xivoricbutterfly 25

I've seen my grandma naked before. Not pretty.

LOL that must have been something...haha

this brings me back to working at victoria's secret. i feel your pain.