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  arlouxo  |  4

why you hatin'?
how could we have known about his little sister if no one told us in the first place?
we're just reacting to what is written, so calm down and don't call people names

  RedPillSucks  |  31

No, he meant Cheese Grading. She was a professional cheese grader who gave this brand of cheese a less than stellar grade. The manufacturer got pissed and put a hit out on her. She survived the hit, but in the process lost the use of her arms. Didn't you read about it? It was in all the papers.

  WiFi_ght_Club  |  0

Actually I know her and you are incorrect. She drove a grader for a company that flattens very large and unwieldly blocks of cheese. She was working on a fine swiss, when the grader dropped into one of the holes, and rolled over her arms. Very tragic. Left her quite blue.

  chili10  |  18

74, I'm sure he has a good reason for saying that and it just sounded weird coming out... hardly something you'd break up with somebody about without a little extra investigation.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

I don't know of any non-incestuous brother who's willing to undo his sisters bra.
True, there might be one out there, but I can see why the first thought after reading this FML would be "incest".

  Cinn_fml  |  22

This FML does seem to imply incest, however it could be that his sister is disabled and needs help getting dressed, or it could be that he was just joking. Though it's a bloody odd joke to pick.
But my point is that there might be a non-incestuous explanation.

  berg54  |  0

Why would you not think incest.... does your dad or brother take off your bras?... If so you can adopt me. lol anyways FYL Op that's creepy as hell and you should run like the wind.