By fme - 08/12/2010 14:34 - United States

Today, I was making out with this guy, and I ask him if he wants to take my bra off. He has some trouble getting it off and says, "This is strange, I do it for my sister all the time." FML
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xShannonxSammyx 7


She may be quadriplegic. Or, they may be siblings with benefits.


xShannonxSammyx 7


why you hatin'? how could we have known about his little sister if no one told us in the first place? we're just reacting to what is written, so calm down and don't call people names

Cheese grading? Like A, B, C? :D Perhaps you mean grating ?

RedPillSucks 31

No, he meant Cheese Grading. She was a professional cheese grader who gave this brand of cheese a less than stellar grade. The manufacturer got pissed and put a hit out on her. She survived the hit, but in the process lost the use of her arms. Didn't you read about it? It was in all the papers.

caits13 0

Ha. Ha. Soo funny.

WiFi_ght_Club 0

Actually I know her and you are incorrect. She drove a grader for a company that flattens very large and unwieldly blocks of cheese. She was working on a fine swiss, when the grader dropped into one of the holes, and rolled over her arms. Very tragic. Left her quite blue.

That is hot ;)

brightnite 0

Omg major lulz on the stories keep it up guys

74, I'm sure he has a good reason for saying that and it just sounded weird coming out... hardly something you'd break up with somebody about without a little extra investigation.

agree 122. there can be numbers of good reason for doing that.

PlastikSeraph 2

... Just another normal day here in Texas..

why would she have broken up with him? maybe his sister is disabled and she just never told us that?

I second that

ZOMG like totally hawT, guyzzzz.

ya grosssss

I wonder if it's twincest.

therealsuperman 0

if they were distant relatives it would be kincest

a game the whole family can play :P

deathfyre8 13

Or maybe the sister is disabled and can't do it herself?

insest, isn't the south awesome?

fuck you incest doesn't just happen in the south TEXAS FTW

yeah! it happens in the Midwest too you prejudiced jerk!

good god you people are quick to attack this guy. it's probably a joke...

um incest of brother and sister is more mid-west cousin is more the south. well from what I have seen saddly :(

awkward turtle........

Socially awkward Penguin you mean...

passionpitpanda 5

yayyy wongfuproductions ftw :)

I like the awkward turtle better than the socially awkward penguin :p

It is a little weird but why does incest have to be the first thing people think about? eww

honning12 2

what else would you think it would be? really?

Maybe the sister is like super super fat and cant reach around to unhook her own bra. lol Thats what I think.

Same thing #15. Sick-minded people :)

His sister could just be lazy.

or......he could be shaggin' his sister.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't know of any non-incestuous brother who's willing to undo his sisters bra. True, there might be one out there, but I can see why the first thought after reading this FML would be "incest".

incest prolly comes to mind first, but the guy obviously meant he unclips his sisters bra W/O taking it off. thats perfectly reasonable.

RedPillSucks 31

Not disputing you at all, just curious. Is this a common thing that guys would practice using their sisters bra?

This FML does seem to imply incest, however it could be that his sister is disabled and needs help getting dressed, or it could be that he was just joking. Though it's a bloody odd joke to pick. But my point is that there might be a non-incestuous explanation.

afroninjashuffle 0

that wud be so fucked up if his sister has a arm or hand condition that keeps her from doing it herself. that wud make some of you feel bad

Incest is the first thought because the OP is in the south, and everyone knows what happens there. Also, nice rack #6.


TurboTalon 0

Nice rack?? You guys like fat chicks with nasty skin? WTF is wrong with you.

hahahaha 72:)

And you just know im fat how? Having freckles is now considered to be bad skin? Ok. Now both of you #75 #106 can go fall into a permanent pile of shit.

109 that's what you get for putting up a picture of your cleavage.

Why would you not think incest.... does your dad or brother take off your bras?... If so you can adopt me. lol anyways FYL Op that's creepy as hell and you should run like the wind.

honeybee366 0

lol 125!!! so right!!

cradle6 13

probably joking lol

haha lets hope, that's disturbing it he wasn't.

She may be quadriplegic. Or, they may be siblings with benefits.

i like the siblings with benefits part

He means helping his sister get her bra off, not sex you weirdo!! They can be damn tricky.

us girls wear them a lot. we don't need "help" it takes one hand

I wear one everyday, but I can't do it one-handed..

I never wear one, but have mastered the one handed removal technique.

AlwaysIgnoredAlw 0

same. can't do it one handed n been Wearin 1 for years

MasterE56 4

maybe he is "helping" his sister *wink* *wink*