By Anonymous - 11/03/2014 13:04 - Israel

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. I was sad, but the only thing my mom could say was, "You should have waited until I got him to mow the lawn." FML
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Hey someone's gotta do it.

Arbitrarily using your daughter as blackmail for household chores.


You want a medal or something?

Arbitrarily using your daughter as blackmail for household chores.

shaww 28

Classic FML mom

XxXBadAshXxX 27

Your mom has definitely got her priorities straight *sarcasm*

I'd like to remove the sarcasm from that, those neighbor kids charge an arm and a leg to mow it nowadays; let alone hiring a professional. Free lawn mowing? Way to go mom.

#14 Pimping out your daughter for a free mowing? Seriously?

I know it’s weird but I like how OP’s mom thinks.

#3 Ron weasley is that you? :O.

#3 Ron weasley is that you? :O.

#43. #44. is that you, twice?

incoherentrmblr 21

#24: "That one was also sexual" - Quagmire.

That sucks OP :( I'm sorry about your breakup and your mom's terrible attitude. But you can come out of this a stronger person :)

I think that the mom was just joking, trying to make light out of a sad situation the daughters going through. I don't think the mom was being serious at all. Sorry OP, it will get better. Keep smiling ;)

She may have been joking, but there is such a thing as "too soon". The mother's comment may have made OP feel worse.

She's got a point

Hey someone's gotta do it.

now op has to. live and learn.

Now you'll probably have to do it.

Haha, obviously moms know best! That wasn't the right guy!

Haha.. Your mom knows it too.. You're totally lost!

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She has a point, now she has to pay someone.... FHL

pwnman 33

Well, seems like the grass blew you and your boyfriend away...

babygurll19 10

How can grass blow anyone away?? This doesn't make sense on many levels.

What grass have you been smoking?