By burned - 03/02/2015 20:45

Today, I found out that my 4-year-old son is truly convinced that I am a ghost. He also thinks that I died from burning, "because of your face". FML
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Kids have wild imaginations and no filter on what they say, don't take it too personally!

just have fun with it OP, kids believe in crazy things.


Children are brutally honest. If you wanted a liar, you should look elsewhere.

Ha! Children can be brutally honest or just brutal. I know some angels; I also know some children who would not hesitate to try and make you feel crappy.

you have a melty face

kirigaiku 15

Did something happen to your face?

Someone poured coffee on it and ran off

I see what you did there....

How do you know you're not?

saraitkddh 47

If what you are saying is right then this means FML is haunted...

I didn't know they had wifi in the after life.

some people are taking comments too seriously! It was a freaking joke...

countryb_cth 38

You realize they were both making jokes? Maybe you should take your own advice.

Might want to call a priest

Time for some proactive

codytallica 38

Insert witty comment here!

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Insert witty, better reply here!

Try to convince him that he's a ghost, and see what happens.

"If I'm a ghost, you are a handkerchief"

It's alright OP. When I was really young, I thought my mom was a robot because she never showed emotion towards anything (she was a very strict and traditional Asian mom). I grew up and realized my parents are awesome. The same shall happen for you.