By lolilovemyboyfriend - 19/10/2011 14:37 - United States

Today, my eleven year old sister came in, and bitched to me and my boyfriend about how she was going to tell my mom about the used condom she found. My boyfriend punched her in the face. FML
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enonymous 8

Oh wow I didn't know you were dating Chris Brown


JayAyyEmm 0

You're on the wrong website. That belongs to MLIB

enonymous 8

Oh wow I didn't know you were dating Chris Brown

This situation was funnier when I saw it on a shirt. I would have called the police.

it's also one way to get in trouble with the police xD

je_suis_fml 11

I hope her mother press charges, then he'll be treated like a lil girl with a tight one in lock up... bitch.

Michael_Kelso 0

Preteens are pretty annoying . . . Maybe you should explain to her that sex isn't as big a deal as she thinks at that age.

Princessx3Jamie 0

Woah I hope not hard! Uhmmm and if this is an FML why is your user name "lolilovemyboyfriend"?

tylersign 11

I wasn't exactly expecting that ending xD

GreenAppleDP 0

Or maybe instead of punching the eleven year old in the face, y'all could learn to pick up after yourselves. OP, if you're too scared to tell your parents your having sex, then you probably aren't old enough. Clearly you and your boyfriend aren't mature enough if he overreacts like that and your laughing about it.

cyns0_oaSailor 0

111, it may not be an age issue, some religions don't allow sex until after marriage, if that was the, the parents would be devastated. No matter what age.

Sonic_boomerang 5

Should this not be a **** your sisters life? Being how she got punched in the face.

GreenAppleDP 0

117, that is true, religion does play a large part in things like this. When a person comes from a strict religious family, most of the time their parents don't even allow them to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

gpd_deputy_1 6

Yeah, that's a big red flag. If he's willing to punch your little sister, chances are he's more than willing to punch you. And really? If you're not dumping him for that chance, then I hope you would dump him for hurting your sister; that's just not right.

emwil823 0

Lmao, I was thinking the same thing.

I hope you punched him in return- he may be your boyfriend and the guy who gives you that sweet sweet lovin- but she is your little sister-if you didn't hit him then your a shitty sister and a shitty person.

armyofficerwife 0

I'd dump him. You better be prepared for a whole heap of crap coming your way. Stop writing on here and fix things.

LePwnapple 0

Yes it is. Abuse is always a big deal. He physically assaulted her sister. She'll be next.

So you love your bf who punched a child who is also your sister and who probably wouldn't think twice about doing the same to you if you "bitched" at him..i'm gonna have to say ydi and much more.

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LiveLaughFML 10

yes, #148, because assulting a girl of ANY age is no big deal. the family has even more messed up problems if they're going to allow their daughters BOYFRIEND punch their younger daughter.

I'd ball punch him and call the cops. What a prick.

rae_munchkin 6

He's going to turn into a wife beater. If he'll hit your little sister over something like that imagine what he'd do if it was something worse. Besides now that he hit her, she'll definitely do whatever she can to get you two in trouble !

The communist speajs about overreacting.. Oh the irony

13FTW 9

Speaj - the failed attempt of spelling "speak". Usually in a comment where someone sounds like a completely jackass and or dumbass. All definitions were found in the "****** up spellings dictionary". Purchase your copy today for only 131313.13!

A) yes I'm a communist, b) Punching a child is over reaction, period.

yadisingh 5

Because her username is lolilovemyboyfriend, this is more of a '**** you' than a '**** your life' toward the OP for me.

mistersheezy 7

Hate to see when you piss him off.....

guitgod1 11
LiyIa_fml 8

Tough choice between you deserve it, or your life sucks. Why didn't you despose of it properly? Also, what made your boyfriend punch your sister in the face!?

imcutefml 0

Well id be scared if my gfs dad found out i f**ked his daughter

You should be more scared if your girlfriend's dad found out you ****** his obviously immature daughter and punched his 11 year girl in the face.

I have the strong feeling that the bitching of the sister is somehow related to the punch...

Yeah, that's definitley a little too serious for FML in my opinion.