By mandapanda - 02/02/2011 18:22 - United States

Today, as I was driving to work in the aftermath of a terrible blizzard that came through my area last night, a lady slid through an intersection and hit my car, totaling it. I called my boss and told her what happened, only to have her tell me that we were closed due bad roads. No one told me. FML
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perdix 29

You should have called ahead to see if your work was open before you left. YDI about being such a n00b about blizzards.


you_failed 15

Yeah! Supposedly (my friend told me) that there's a huge blizzard covering a good amount of states in the U.S.!

rockyraccoon28 8

yep [: I live in michigan. we got about 20 inches of snow last night. it's up to my waist in some parts of my backyard because of the wind gusts.

wow:o do you mind getting all wet? from the snow I mean

Psht, try living in Canada. We don't even have a summer. We have 11 months of winter and 1 month of autumn. Hate the weather here. >:(

rockyraccoon28 8

haha shootamonkey, actually I'm 5' 10".

I get slizzard not blizzard. But seriously does anyone in the US actually have insurance?

32 yeah I went there once and got to sleep in a igloo and ride a polar bear to town :)

breena25 0

I live in Hawaii, so no snow for me. except on the mountains

Omg I ride polar bears everywhere. B) ugh but seriously haha like the amount of snow we get is disgusting. ;/

pattheaninal 9

32- i know how you feel. american's whimp out about the biggest nonsense.. suck it up lady.

Omg theres a blizzard???? I haven't heard of any massive ones around here!!!

amazingdiva21 1

there were huge blizzards in pretty much all of the eastern states!

I'm in Oklahoma. I spent my whole day digging people out of the snow. being the good person that I am :)

That really sums about your car, OP. I hope you're okay. D: Today I walked all the way to my bus stop in the snow storm and deep snow here to find out my work was closed too. xD

that's da east coast 4 ya. I miss Cali:'(

Michigan is on the east coast now?? Why the **** wasn't I informed???

Pfft, Doc. Don't be ridiculous. Of course Michigan is east coast, just like Colorado is west coast! Right? Oh, no? My bad.

TheDrifter 23

Everything east of the Mississippi River is the Atlantic Ocean. West Coast truck driver's axiom.

I get a car sliding through an intersection and totalling your car, a lady however? Just how fat was that lady that she's able to total your car? Could be though to know who she is unless they tatoeed her name on her behind.

FMLephant 2

It was Moby Chick, the land whale!

perdix 29

You should have called ahead to see if your work was open before you left. YDI about being such a n00b about blizzards.

rockyraccoon28 8

agreed. michiganders should know how to get from A to B in the snow. it's not that hard.

Seriously, OP should have definitely called ahead. I think pretty much every school in Michigan (including the Universities) were closed today. If all of the schools are closing, then OP should think "Hey, maybe I shouldn't even attempt to go to work today."