By mandapanda - United States
Today, as I was driving to work in the aftermath of a terrible blizzard that came through my area last night, a lady slid through an intersection and hit my car, totaling it. I called my boss and told her what happened, only to have her tell me that we were closed due bad roads. No one told me. FML
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By  Cypherrr  |  13

That really sums about your car, OP. I hope you're okay. D:

Today I walked all the way to my bus stop in the snow storm and deep snow here to find out my work was closed too. xD

By  Gwyndion  |  9

I get a car sliding through an intersection and totalling your car, a lady however? Just how fat was that lady that she's able to total your car? Could be though to know who she is unless they tatoeed her name on her behind.

  Thalymor  |  0

Seriously, OP should have definitely called ahead. I think pretty much every school in Michigan (including the Universities) were closed today. If all of the schools are closing, then OP should think "Hey, maybe I shouldn't even attempt to go to work today."