By GrossedOut - 11/01/2012 07:47 - United States

Today, my roommate finally cleaned her cat's very full litter box. I later found our only good spatula crusted with kitty feces, which she'd left on the kitchen counter for me to find. FML
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Cook her a meal with it and leave it for her to find


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drop it on her pillow for her to find. if she drops it in your bed, threaten to throw the cat out while she's away

that's one shitty situation. #29, it's not the cats fault! OP- get your roommate some food mixed with laxatives.

Eggers 2

31- notice I didn't say "threaten to flush the cat in the toilet" which is what my brother would've done. Cats can live on the streets. They just don't live *as long* as house pets. Also considering the state of squalor it appears that cat is living in, have you thought maybe the streets are better for it?

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Egger why would you say that to coolrainbow? He's not the op.

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in case coolrainbow is ever in the same situation

He's making a point of calling you out for replying to post 1 so your comment is on top.

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I'm an originalfag. That's how things were done when replying was new

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-69 The litter box is clean -_-

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Dumping cat on the street does not solve the problem dumb ass. It just makes it someone else's problem.

And to thank her for cleaning the litter should cook her a nice meal..maybe pancakes?

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This should read " The roommate that I kicked out"

wow what a shitty situation... stupid pussy

just wait til its good and full before you dump op! hope op threw out the spatula *eww*

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Looks like someone has a potty mouth

Better yet, where in the FML is there any foul language? Which is what the term "potty mouth" refers to.

He's playing on ops disgust of shit being on cooking ware. It's a pun, whether you like it or not, suggesting that you will make food with that litter encrusted spatula which will get get on the food, and therefore in your mouth. Feces = mouth. Pottymouth.

StopDropNRoll 11

53, Quick question how does "feces = mouth. Pottymouth." make any sense? Feces + mouth = Pottymouth? Agree with the rest of it though.

Eggers 2

The best kind of joke is the one you have to sit down and explain after the punchline. Wait no it isn't.

The joke was simple enough to understand, where is your hang up? 80 - don't scrutinize an 'equation' about feces too badly, I'm not planning to take home any nobel prizes for my explanation.

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Cook her a meal with it and leave it for her to find

I think it's time to 're-edumacate' your roomate about "the effects of cleanliness" by using some brainwashing methods. Seriously, that's nasty....

Disinfect, your life does not suck you can clean it in 1 minute

Make her food with it. Give her a "taste" of her own medicine. :)

Now that you mention it, I don't really know! Holy ****!

Yumm.. Might want to buy a new spatula and keep it in a locked location before you're flipping your eggs with cat shit tomorrow.

I don't think I would leave any dishes out for the roommate to use that is a nasty roommie

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I think you need a new roommate, maybe one who knows how to clean up after themselves, and doesn't leave vomit inducing surprises.

This post didn't make your mouth water GoW_Chick!?

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Oh yes, because I just love the thought of bacon with a side of cat feces, YUMMY!

GoW_Chick 14

Hey you never know it could be a delicacy in some third world countries, so don't hate.

Not hating, looking up cat shit recipes as we speak. Duh!

GoW_Chick 14

Even though we are joking about it , just the thought of eating it is making me feel sick.

GoW_Chick 14

Yes, gross conversation ended. XD

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For..? ..I'm just not catching your drift!

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GoW chick, u r ******* smoking hot!

Your GOOD spatula? What, is it 24-karat gold or something? A spatula costs about a buck, maybe two. Go buy a new one and stop whining. Better yet, buy two and beat the shit out of your roommate with the spare.

You could use that handy-dandy meat tenderizer for that!

Yes, there is a such thing as a "good" spatula. I've had plenty of cooking utensils I preferred to use over others. Try not being an imbecile. Spatulas may be cheap but the that isn't the point. The point is the OP has a nasty ass roommate and if she wasn't a disgusting person, this wouldn't be an issue. No one was whining over a spatula.

Hey Doc have you had any weird injuries involving spatulas?

that is true doc, but i think most of the FML was the fact that it was on the kitchen counter

Eggers 2

Pentium has a point. Cat shit being on a counter can be incredibly poisonous. Like "you could develop worms and possibly go blind" poisonous.

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Believe it or not some people don't like to cook with cheap ass cookware. I wouldn't expect a male to understand that though.

Eggers 2

40- Thats because you're a sexist idiot. My kitchen boasts some of the best cookware to date, so just sit down.

Eggers just got added to my favorite commenters...

Wow Doc, really? Pretty damn sure when I go to the market I see a whole wall of cookware where I can clearly see which ones are better quality than the others. So yes, the OP could have a "GOOD" spatula. A one-two dollar spatula would probably break the first time you used it.

Eggers 2

Wrong 48. Cheaper ones just become flimsy when they heat. How about instead of insulting DocBastard on the grounds of guesswork, you visit a dollar store and learn what the **** you're talking about?

Jesus Christ on a snowmobile, people, it's a ******* joke. Yes I realise that "good" cookware exists. It's a joke.

GoW_Chick 14

I think this joke went *whoosh* way over everyone's head...

Jokes aren't allowed around here, Doc. Ambrosia will make that very clear to anyone who says one or attempts to. I hope she doesn't discipline me for saying this! ..wait, I should probably research what I just said to make sure it's correct..

Maybe they don't have nice things in hungry where this DR. Is from. I'm guessing he might be happy with a shit covered spatula,it might go with the rest of his shit covered shit.

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Dollar tree. You can buy one million cheap spatulas for one million dollars.