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I don't know if this will show up as an OP blue comment since I've never done this, but yes. I'm the OP haha. So yeah I finished the paper before it was due but I didn't turn it in because I wanted to read it over again the next day just in case. Little did I know I would forget about it completely. (I was busy studying for a bio test and quiz all weekend) I finally realized I didn't turn it in about 4 days after it was due online. I talked to my prof. and he said it should be okay. Keyword "should." He hasn't graded it yet so I don't know if he took points off. Anyways, yes I deserved it haha.
By Akoni / Thursday 26 March 2015 09:53 / United States - Riverside
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  gmian  |  33

Same thing almost happened to me yesterday. I had the essay finished for a week, but I didn't remember to submit it until 4:59 (it was due at 5). I made it on time, though.

By  ComoEsJuan  |  24

It's obvious there was foul play involved. A classmate temporarily erased your memory due to the fact that your paper would cause the professor to retire out of respect. We couldn't have that now, could we? Now you just need to find said "student" (government mind ninja) and rewrite history. I know some guys in the NSA if you need a hand...or two.

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