By gabby - 24/02/2012 23:01 - United States

Today, I dolled myself up and hit the campus gym, hoping to leave with a cute boy's number. I left in a stretcher. FML
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Cute boys don't usually go to the gym. And if I were you I'd be looking for a handsome man's number. Cute boys only come in one age: twelve.


GoW_Chick 14

Meh, I say go for the cute grease monkey mechanic's number, but that's just my personal preference.

TheDrifter 23

Nah, cute paramedic. He's already got her in a bed anyhow.

Technically the doctor would get into some serious trouble for having anything but a professional attitude with a patient

Did she fall and break her leg on a treadmill or something? I really wanna know how she ended up in the hospital.

Going to the gym to meet guys is actually pretty pathetic

Don't stare at men's ass all day while working out at the gym, you might hurt yourself... Think it's a little too late for that now

n_epic_fail 14

OP's got a better chance at showing up at school playing the sympathy card. What doctor is going to flirt with (let alone give his number to) a patient in that awful hospital attire?.. . Where is DocBasterd when you need him!

GovernorGeneral 8
GovernorGeneral 8

Oh i apologize. I meant a therapist. Autocorrect...

GovernorGeneral 8

Oh and 76- i hate azula....shes such a bitch. ZUKO FTW

badmike89 6

14 gow chick you can have my number

juicystar777 4

there are so many things wrong here! why in the world would you wear make up to the gym? the whole point is to sweat so you can lose weight, and when you're wearing foundation, i'm sure that's not what you wanna do. you're wasting a tube of foundation and primer that could seriously be used during the weekend. -__-

Seeing how OP enjoys getting dolled up then excercising, I think she would make a great hooker.

This is what happened: OP found a cute boy, they started talking and he told her to meet him in the changing room, OP thought she was gonna get it in,she did get stabbed, but instead of a dick, it was a knife. The "cute boy" turned out to be a girl named Justin Beiber, why did she stab OP? Because OP found out "his" secret, in a attempt to save her reputation, Justin Bieber attacked, fortunately, OP survived and now the world knows, the only ones that appear to not have found out are the pre teen girls that are in denial and deny the facts.

Vash_41288 10

I go to the gym 4 times a week and I always wondered why girls wear make up to work out guess those are the ones going to pick up guys only... Jeez who would of thought that, isn't that what clubs/bars are for? It's funny to sometimes see the make up all runny too silly women

That why I don't like going to the campus's gym anymore, a lot of distractions. Girls with yoga pants nice ass etc. I can't focus on working out. I'm a man I can't help it

Ha. You dolled yourself up to go to the gym? *****.

borkchop1992 15

Jiggaty check yo' self before you wreck yo' self

Cause shotgun shells are bad for your health.

kdawg360 0

English translation: You should be careful on those treadmills or you could be met with serious injury.

juicystar777 4

^ omg are you like a homophobic? there is nothing wrong with being gay! one of my best friends is gay! don't judge people! having butt sex isn't wrong because thats how some people need to do it. D~:

129... Maybe its cause he think it puts him in good health?? I dont think he's bashing anybody...

AceArctic 4

129 Really makes me laugh. She overreacts to everything! I personally find her comments hilarious.

Cute boys don't usually go to the gym. And if I were you I'd be looking for a handsome man's number. Cute boys only come in one age: twelve.

blegehlehgleh 0

Who says cute guys usually don't go to the gym? I'm at the gym almost every day, & trust me, there are A LOT of cute guys there!

I got to the gym but I would rather call myself hot or handsome

GoW_Chick 14

There's a difference between cute guys and handsome guys, cute guys you date, handsome guys you marry, think about it.

Since when did she say she was referring to Justin Beiber

^It's implied my beautiful little troll. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

So basically cute guys you **** and handsome ones you bring home to daddy? Got it.

shanemaximo 7

Cute guys go to the gym and have better bodies, but handsome guys have bigger dicks so chicks date one, marry the other.

Hey, I'm pretty sure that was meant to be an insult, #4 and quite frankly, being of twelve years of age, I do not really appreciate it. Honestly, just because people/kids like me are just younger and appear to be of less intelligence, I think quite a few of you are greatly mistaken, considering the level of maturity I've seen in older teens and young adults. Basically, the point I'm getting across here is that some people, example #4, don't need to act like assholes to the lower generation. No I'm kidding ignore that entire message. But I think I speak for all 12-14 year old guys here; we all hate being called "cute" by some older for their own amusement or the attempt at being friendly. :)

And who says one my age can't get a girl's number? :D

79 - troll? how the hell am I being a troll?

It's not that you were being insulted because of your age, #4 was just trying to say that cute isn't really a term that should be used to describe an attractive man at a gym. You see, an adult wouldn't call a 12 year old attractive, so the word cute is often used to describe children (sorry, but until you're 18 and "legal" you are considered a child in the government's eyes.)

All right I'm going to reply to two comments here... Yes, I know that one my age is legally a child that much I do know. And 142, seriously, kids my age dont HAVE relationships. Because I agree, a real relationship at my age would be pretty stupid.

140 hit the nail on the head. Dear 12 year old kid, get your panties out of a bunch.

I'm sorry, did you read my message correctly? You know, the part that said "ignore that entire message". And also I see that you used the cliched "get your panties out of a knot". original. ******* original.

183 - My original comment was not meant to be taken as an insult to children your age. I guess you're not mature enough to realize this, therefore you misinterpreted and took it to heart. Not my fault or my problem, bub. Everyone else seemed to get it.

Obviously, you read my first comment completely incorrectly. You know, the part that said "ignore that entire message"? Yeah. Think before you speak. Or just learn to read.

See how I'm repeating myself? It's because you DON'T GET IT. Yes, I completely understand that your original comment was just meant to be a joke. Mine was too. Read carefully.

Honestly. This is exactly what I mean. Adults look at kids as completely inferior, when they're the ones who make all the stupid mistakes.

ginglederf 6

I think you tried way to hard to speak fancy in that sentence....

So how are they supposed to be attractive if they don't work out? Only ugly people DON'T go to the gym.

"**** you if you have a taste in guys who make you happy! Date guys who make your pussy wet instead!" Yeah, **** you.

crazychick1269 7

Oh... I thought only my 3 year old sister says "try try again" when she falls of her tricycle

....Guess not, huh? Just great knowing now, eh?

how the hell do you fall off a tricycle?

crazychick1269 7

She tried riding her bike on the treadmill. Double the work out

TheFamilyElf 17

I bet you got their attention, though! Mission accomplished! Well... Not really... Close enough.

dani05 0

Hmm... Am I the only wondering how this happened? But you should heal up and try again! Hope everything's ok

What if OP was a dude and went to the gym to pick up guys, got his ass kicked and had to leave on a stretcher.... Lmao

GoW_Chick 14

This is why you need a wing woman to help you out. Now I'm still wondering were you hitting on the wrong guy with a crazy girlfriend, or did you try to impress them and didn't know your own limitations?

Her own limitations I suppose because the OP most likely would have mentioned a crazy girlfriend attacking her to make it seem like a worse FML.