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Today, I worked up the courage to tell my girlfriend that I love her. She made a face like she'd just sucked on a lemon and said, "Um... yay, I guess...?" and awkwardly left the room. FML
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Wow. She could have been definitely more polite about the situation, it took a lot for you to say that to her and to react like that is uncalled for. Even if she doesn't feel the same way, it could've been handled way better.


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Why all the negative votes? She needs to be dumped. Like what kind of response is that.

To keep the record straight here we DO NOT KNOW how long they have been dating. It could have been just a week and he said this! People do that. My boyfriend just told me he loved me after a month. Do I love him? No. It's been a MONTH. Seriously people. It takes time so don't bag on the girl when some people can be very attached very soon.

I really don't get why you would even start a relationship if you don't love eachother? Why would you waste your time like that? Just in case you fall for them or they fall for you? What's the point..?

You don't have to be in love to have a relationship. It's not as if they're getting married (in some cases). People get in a relationship with the person because they're really interested in them and like them, etc. It's their time to get to know that person on a deeper level so that things can evolve between the two of them in hopes it will be something more.

Ahh, maybe that's the reason why I don't like it. You have to "hope" there will be something more. I don't like hoping for something to happen. I've had way too much bad expierences like that. I prefer to be certain of things. Thanks for explaining.

You don't like dating because you think that saying you love someone when the relationship first starts isn't a big deal? I think there's more to it...

That's not what I said at all. I never tell someone I love them if I don't mean it. I just think it's useless to start a relationship with someone if you're unsure about your feelings for eachother. All of the people I know stay friends until they know for sure how the other person feels about them, ánd the other way around. Imo, it's just mean to start a relationship with someone if you know they're madly in love with you, and you don't really feel anything for them. It's like you're giving them hope for something that may never happen, and stuff like that seriously destroys you. If all of you can date, and kiss people etc you don't have any feelings for; great for you. But I can't. I'm not like that. I need to know that I'm in love with them, and that they feel the same way. Otherwise, I won't even start a relationship. I just can't do it.

She doesn't deserve to be dumped if she is unsure of her feelings. We don't know her background, if she has trust issues, ANYTHING. Maybe the subject of love is awkward for her and she wanted to sort out her feelings before saying it back. It might have been a little rude, but people react differently to situations. You shouldn't dump someone over that. Plus, we don't know how long these two have been dating.

razzledazzle21 23

I don't think it was necessarily that she didn't say she loved him back, it was the response she had. It was extremely rude, regardless of how long they've been dating.

52- Are you sure you know the difference between just having feelings for someone and loving someone?

#52 the point of dating is if youre interested in each other, want to get to know each other on a deeper level, and eventually develop love. for all you know dating a friend you've fallen in love with can ruin the friendship and you can't always know if its strong enough to survive that. yes youre right you shouldn't lead someone on but giving someone a chance that you aren't sure how you feel about can turn out beautiful or ugly which is why they need to be honest with each other before it starts. maybe OP isn't at the same place their SO is at..

Ofc I know the difference --' and all of you can say whatever you want, I don't think the same way. I can't put it any clearer than I already did, but you don't really seem to understand it -.-

it's called "tact" and his gf has none. Her response could have been the same I've used before when I wasn't ready to say it, "Thank you. I really like you a lot but I'm not ready to say love you yet, hope you understand." That is way better than "Um, yay I guess". Doesn't matter how long they've been together. One needs to be able to say what you feel in a relationship without the fear of utter and total rejection. Her response was brutal at best and it itself, deserve to be relooked at as a life partner.

shiffizzle 13

Wow. She could have been definitely more polite about the situation, it took a lot for you to say that to her and to react like that is uncalled for. Even if she doesn't feel the same way, it could've been handled way better.

askullnamedbilly 33

I had a boyfriend tell me I was the love of his life after ONE DAY of being together. I reacted very similarly to OP's girlfriend because I was caught off guard and actually kind of creeped out by his level of attachment. It really does matter how long the two of them have been together.

shiffizzle 13

I didn't mention the time frame of their relationship, that's irrelevant to the point I was making. She could have been more polite about it. That's all. You could've been more polite too with your experience.

rather she isn't the sensitive type or she doesn't love you. might have to rethink that relationship if it's number two.

Depending on how long they have been together, this response may not be all that inappropriate. If they've only been together like a month or two then I would have said something similar. Maybe she just doesn't love him.

Imagine the proposal. "I love you so much, will you marry me?" "Umm. Yea sure I guess" **Gf gets the ring and heads to the bathroom to file her nails

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FYL most likely. Depending on how long you have been dating it may be too soon, but she definitely could have been more considerate.

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Sorry about that OP. Some people just aren't too comfortable with the L word but she could've been nicer about it.

Maybe it was just to soon for her don't just tell her you love her show it to her and hopefully she will feel the same way good luck op

How long have you been together and how old are you. Her reaction sounds pretty immature and snobby though if you ask me.

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