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Today, I was feeling frisky for the first time in months, so I started feeling up my husband. He kept insisting he had a headache and that he wasn't feeling it tonight. When I noticed his sarcasm, he said "Yeah, doesn't feel so great, does it?" and turned the TV volume up. FML
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You are getting what you gave, you deserve this completely.

SaMmIMonster96 6

6- indeed she does, unless they were real headaches. But I assume that they weren't considering he was getting back at her.

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hotPinklipstick 24

Im not trying to bash you or anything, but having a year long marraige isn't the longest time through the thick and the thin to be giving advice about a marraiges sex life.

52, not everyone is the same, but as a general observation, once a week is normal in most happy marriages-regardless of relationship duration.

Ive heard that, too, but the rest of the comment made me ask

hotPinklipstick 24

Well no I don't have the longest marriage to be giving advice but I've been with my husband for 3 years, and I've seen enough failing marriages to see what causes them to end. I'm completely happy in my relationship and I make sacrifices for my husband and he does the same for me. Marriage is about working for each other as well as yourself to have the best relationship you can. It doesn't matter if you've been together a year or 20 years if you don't make sacrifices for your spouse your relationship won't last.

Ugggg i can already hear Dr. Phil's voice

MissHayleyJames 7

You don't just have sex with your spouse for them. You have sex with your spouse when you BOTH want it. If one of you doesn't want it that night, then no sex no matter how long it's been. Aiming for at least once a week is good but if you're not in the mood you don't force it regardless. Otherwise it turns into just another chore that you have to check off your to do list and that defeats the whole purpose and you'll want it even less.

hotPinklipstick 24

I hate Dr. Phil, I'm not saying any of this to sound like a therapist. I'm speaking from personal experience, and quite frankly I don't need an 18 year old to tell me that my marriage is wrong.

72 i seriously was going to say something VERY similair to that. Keeping track defetes the purpose of spontaneous, wild fun. Plus another thing i disagree with is the whole "doesnt matter if its been 1 year or 20" peoplr change, the longer its been, the more you, your spouse, your marraige, and both your needs have changed. Now, before Dr. Phil takes notes on our conversation, i think we should drop it and the voters give us a general idea of what people think of this.

I never said your marraige is wrong, like i said "im not trying to bash you" i just dont think you should be telling people about their marraiges sex life when you been in year when OTHER people have been through it for multipule decades. And i watched 1 show of Dr. Phil and he uses the most anoying terms out there that make me want to cringe when it comes to someones sex life. Sorry if i offfended you, but i didnt meen to give you the impression that i was comparing.

Im rereading this, and now i know why i failed spelling in english class :/

hotPinklipstick 24

Yeah, I considered correcting you but I'm not a grammar Nazi.

Yea, im on an ipod, with pretty big thumbs so sometimes ill hit the next key over, or i will flat out mispell a word. But anyway, I remember "Everybody loves Ramond" when his brother gets married and his wife tries giving Ray and his parents advice about their marraiges. Just reminded me.

Not trying to bash you, but being on an iPod is no excuse for multiple spelling errors. I'm on an iPod too and one or two mistakes is common, but I've seen you comment before and sometimes it's flat out ridiculous. There's auto-correct, proof reading, etc. Again, not trying to bash you, but don't blame your iPod for YOUR mistakes.

actually, relationships to work on sacrifices, if you're not 'in the mood' let him/her work for it, part of the fun. that's the whole point of knowing how to turn someone on! I'll be really tired one day but my boyfriend can even so much as kiss me a certain way and I'll get in the mood, even if it's a bit of a slow process! I'm not married but from what I've heard (parents, grandparents etc.) marriage doesn't change a relationship as much as it used to. these days both go out to work, both (should) make an effort to help round the house. there's two people in a relationship!! also, sexual activity is proven, as one said, to reduce and get rid of a headache so girls, that's NO excuse!

spekledworf 18

I've never gotten the headache excuse. When I have one (unless it's a nauseating migrane) I let my man take care of it ;) like every one said-sex helps

Hotpinklipstick, I agree with the majority of your thread here, but not this: "So next time even if you're not in the mood just act like you are." Really? "Just open your legs for your partner, he deserves that, even if you don't want to!" This suggestion is imo very close to rape. I've done this some times, acting like I wanted sex while I was totally not in the mood and guess what, not only did I feel horrible (used), my partner also felt my faking. Awful sex it was, I can tell you. So, suggesting to OP to do a little more effort, ok. But then she can also expect the same from her husband. There are not many people who absolutely dislike sex. If it takes months for your wife to get in the mood, then you probably are doing it wrong. Time to improve, I would say.

Djeepee what hot pink said is now way comparable to rape. She suggested to concenting to have sex with someone she loves when she was not 100% in the mood. Being in a relationship is about compromise. I'll do things I don't want to do for my girl and for friends. It's not just sex. But the OP denied their partner for months and now when they randomly get in the mood their partner has to put out. Suggesting once a week or once every other week is something they could work out in their relationship. Because at least at this point in my life I could not be in a serious relationship and only being intimate once a month or more.

The more you have sex, the more you want sex! Same as the other way around. Little sex breeds even less sex. Not married, but in long time relationship, and it works! Well.. For us anyways..

hurtandabused 7

U shouldn't lie in a marriage. Just say sorry but I'm just not in the mood. N when he did that u should have just said ok I'll get rid of it. Then start kissing him n saying poor baby. Lol

I've been with my husband for over a decade and I agree perfectly with hotpinklipstick and tyger. Any relationship involves compromise. If for months you were not in the mood for sex and you never tried to get yourself in that mood, there is a problem. Hotpink didn't suggest rape. If you don't feel 100% like sex, try kissing and holding. Open yourself up to possibilities and who knows? You might get into the mood. Silentbunny, you sound young. When two adults are sharing a life, it isn't always going to be spontaneous I-just-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you sex. What marriage lacks in spontaneity is often made up for in passion. We have to arrange in advance for someone to mind the kids but since when does anticipation dampen excitement?

twisted_cherub 14

It's not rape, but it also can make someone feel terrible to think they're obligated to have sex. My ex never raped me, but I felt that way every time we had sex. In fact, it felt worse because he was supposed to be safe, someone I could be myself around, not someone I had to put on an act for. There's a difference between making small sacrifices and making yourself into an object to be used by your partner. Marriage isn't about sacrifice, it's about compromise; finding a solution that makes both people happy, not one. OP, if you go months without having any desire to be intimate (and there isn't any emotional reason for distance in your marriage) you may want to consult your OBGYN. Many times a simple diet change can have drastic effects on libido.

"Djeepee what hot pink said is now way comparable to rape. She suggested to concenting to have sex with someone she loves when she was not 100% in the mood. " Rape = having sex when you don't want it. Hot pink's suggestion = having sex when you don't want it, just keep pretending you do. Honestly, I don't see that much difference. It's true OP is in the fault, but I think 1) her husband also has a share in that and 2) it's wrong if she now started to ignore her feelings for her husband's pleasure. I mean, come on, "Worse case scenario you won't enjoy it that much", isn't that just the imporant part of having sex? Both enjoying it? Instead of suggesting OP to spread her legs and close her eyes, I suggest her to search for inspiration on the internet, buy naughty clothes and toys, talk to her partner, try things with her partner, you know, spice their sex life up.

The op only deserves it if she never put forth the effort to get inthe mood. As a woman I understand how hard it can be to get frisky when you really dont feel like it but I ALWAYS make an effort. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt but at least I tried.

hotPinklipstick 24

123- Rape is when someone forces themselves on you without you being able to say no, what I'm suggesting is nowhere near that. I'm saying OP should make an effort even if she isn't in the mood. Sometimes I'm not in the mood but with a little effort from my husband I get in the mood and we make love, sometimes it doesn't work so well but in the end I'm happy that my husband is pleased. Other times he isn't in the mood but I am, so I make an effort to turn him on and make it pleasurable for him. Afterwards we both are pleased and it keeps passion alive. After every time my husband and I are intimate we make a point to hold each other even if it is just for 5 minutes. When we do that I feel so much closer to him. Yes I've only been married a year but my husband and I have a strong marriage because we choose to make sacrifices and work on our relationship above all else.

I have to agree with hotpink. Been with my guy for 10 years. Sometimes it just takes a little "warming up" before the juices start to flow (that works both ways). The more sex you have the more sex you'll want. And it's absolutely NOT rape to willingly have sex with your partner...

you know what's awkward, 33? you're not silent and you're not funny. get out.

ROFL you don't see the difference??? 1. WILLINGLY having sex even though you're not really in the mood 2. FORCED into having sexual contact against your will. Don't insult victims with your crappy comparisons.

Sigh. The fail is strong in this thread. Even the legitimate advice that is thought out and given with nothing but good intentions gets spit on like they were trying to sabotage other people's relationships or something. Can't we all just get along and agree that op is a shitty wife?

so hard to take you serious with a gas mask on your face.

"Sometimes I'm not in the mood but with a little effort from my husband I get in the mood and we make love, sometimes it doesn't work so well but in the end I'm happy that my husband is pleased." Ah, now I'm with you. But I still have to say that some people don't get happy if only their partner is pleased. Me, for example. I once got completely mentally broken because I let my partner do sexual things with me while I just pretended to like it. I felt like shit. And I don't want OP to feel like shit. We don't know the complete story, maybe OP's husband avoids foreplay/ignores her needs/is very bad at sex/... and if that's the case, he also need to but some effort in it. That's what I wanted to say, actually. God, 210, really? If you don't want sex, no matter what the reason is, and you have it because you feel mentally forced, then it is against your will. And then it's imho very close to rape.

hotPinklipstick 24

DjeePee I normally agree with you but in this situation I don't think you are understanding what I, and the people that agree with me, are saying. If you aren't married then you shouldn't be telling me I'm wrong. I'm not saying force yourself to have sex with a partner, I'm saying make an effort to make love to the person you have chosen to spend your life with. There is a difference.

cobaltss06 1

Even if they were real headaches the female ****** is like a painkiller so she won't have a headache anymore. Time to think of a new excuse ladies!!!

Actually I'm a rape victim and when I've had sex while not in the mood I felt utterly horrible and disgusted by myself. For me I felt almost the same as after the rape except that I blamed myself for putting myself in that situation and not my boyfriend. Of course I am influenced by what happened but I can't imagine ever having sex while not in the mood again. And there is a similarity. But I do make an effort to get in the mood when he is :)

"If you aren't married then you shouldn't be telling me I'm wrong." And here you are definitely wrong. So, because I'm not married, I can't have an opinion about sex and relationships? Eventhough I am longer in a relationship with my boyfriend than you with your husband? Roflol.

hotPinklipstick 24

259- I am a rape victim as well so I do know what I am talking about and I'm not just talking out of my ass. DjeePee I am tired of arguing with you, you literally have no argument here. Yes you have an opinion and I appreciate you sticking to your guns but I disagree with you. So we can agree to disagree. I commented on this out of kindness to give honest advice, not to ruin someones relationship. I don't appreciate you turning my words around and making it seem like I condone rape. There is a difference from rape and willing sex with your husband. If you feel bad about yourself after willingly having sex with someone that you have been with for a long time then you should rethink your relationship with said person. That being said I'm done with this, y'all are seriously just arguing to argue and it is childish.

GatorPiss 2

I'm surprised he turned it down. That really sucks.

hayat5496 5

Rape is not having sex when you don't want it. Rape is being forced to have sex. There is a very big difference with that. You can be saying, I don't feel like having sex but I'll do it anyway. When someone is being raped, they dont have a choice, they being forced to do it.

I disagree. I had sex with this one hit because I felt obligated. he " gave me a choice" and I chose to have sex with him when in no way did I want to. but I felt I had to to make him happy. during and after I just felt so low and shitty. it felt like rape. because He knew I was only doing it for him and that I didn't want to. they are similar...

snapdragon1100 7

You are really obnoxious. Like really really really obnoxious. You're saying all this weed crap to drag out this conversation. And I'm clearly not the only person that thinks his because ALL of your comments were almost at negative one hundred, I had to click on them just to see what the were, that's should be telling you something, like people are tired of reading your rude annoying comments. P.S. I'm on an iPhone so I have the exact same keypad as you an I don't believe I have a single mistake.

people could say the same cause of your age but that doesn't mean it's right. Asshole.

That does not work for everyone. Besides, people do not need excuse to not have sex. I really don't get it what the big deal is. If my partner wouldn't want sex I wouldn't push it. I wouldn't want someone to pretend they enjoy sex with me. That would be some really bad sex. And I would not see the point in it if both of us wouldn't enjoy it. Just get some toys and **********. That's just my opinion though. I do agree though that both should put effort towards them both getting in the mood and enjoying sex.

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juicystar777 4

SWAG doesn't stand for Something We Americans Got. that's not even proper english! it stands for: She Wants A Gentleman. xoxo

Shouldn't have used so many excuses in the first place, op.

Mafia translates roughly into swag from what i heard, mind you this is pre WW2

thamack408 11

only dumbasses use "swag" i hate that word with a passion >:[

So William Shakespeare, one of the most renowned poets in the world mind you, is a dumbass?

136, If someone were to speak in olde english today you'd expect people to think they're a dumbass, and I'm sure Shakespeare would have no trouble grasping that.

SpruceDread4578 13

136- that swag is different. It's hard for me to explain. The current day swag is well..retarded. Just my opinion I suppose.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I'm pretty sure William Shakespeare never walked around with his pants to his knees, put on a baseball cap backwards, acted like a player and claimed he had 'swag'.

It obviously seems like she's used that excuse more than once if it's the first time in "months" she's felt frisky. I'm glad OP's husband gave her a taste of her own medicine.

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138, evidently you seem to be missing the fact that OP is a dry, stingy bitch.

#138, it's true that you should never feel forced to have sex ideally but if you are married and rejecting your spouse for months, you need to examine the situation and communicate the issue. I think the husband is bitter and hurt. I hardly think his behaviour is classifiable as emotional abuse. OP should apologise for not working things out sooner and seduce the man. OP, try to be more receptive in the future. Sex isn't a chore, it's an affirmation of intimacy and a great stress reliever.

PYLrulz 17

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aimeesea75 16

Thank you, 89. If someone didn't say it I was going to. Members of the Parafamily unite!

Blacksabbath211 9

138, did you* read* the FML? (warning to everyone else besides 138, this is long, don't waste your time, you've been warned xD) Yes it's passive aggressive, but it's being used constructively to illustrate a point. the husband is not using his frustration to harm anyone or cause any permanent damage. Also, the husband deserves the same choice as his wife; you can't justifiably go off on the husband for withholding sex while you said "you NEVER have to have sex" in the wife's defense. (continued)

Blacksabbath211 9

I will agree with you that there have obviously been some sort of issue with the relationship since they have (apparently) not been intimate in a while, but how can you call the husband "spiteful" for refusing sex ONCE while the wife gets away with it for months AND gets to put it up on FML to get sympathy, casting her husband as the antagonist? Is that not just as spiteful? Anyway, worst case scenario for her, she can do the deed on her own, like i will assume her husband has been forced to for a while. You may have a bad past with some similar situations, but that does not give you the right to unfairly set a double standard to someone. *gets off soapbox*

I'm sorry OP. But that's completely your fault.

skyeyez9 24

Of course, an honest and insightful comment.....and a shitload of ignorant teens thumb it down to Hell.

Blacksabbath211 9

Shut up that is so stupid what happened to your mom and op are 2 different things I hate when as soon as I dude wants to get angry at you it's abuse answer this if a guy were to go out late and not call then when they have a date the wife tries to give him a taste of his own medicine isn't that the same thing? But I bet you'd be like that's what you get . Speaking as a woman just cuz he asked for sex and she said no isn't a crime but really when you're married you can talk to each other not everything is the big A word

rttr 18

Op's husband is a hero to men everywhere.

jewfish27 4

Dont you love how the husband used "i have a headache" once and the wife put it on FML but she has used it an unknown amount of times and not one FML about it has been seen

Da_Bauss435 8

If it had been months then I would have said yes immediately

kappycone 8

I want to give that man a high five.

If OP's husband couldn't get it up for her in months, we wouldn't be bashing him when he complains his wife turned him away once! It's the same sex drive. If he wasn't getting up at all though, he might be asexual (a real sexuality) or have extremely poor heart health (and should see a doctor, not pop a Viagra).

I disagree. It's not about the sex drive; it's about the communication. If you have a medical issue preventing sex or causing lack of libido, your partner should know and be dealing with it, too. Keep intimate in other ways while working through it together. Making lame excuses to send your partner away is selfish and disrespectful. If it was a man who made excuses for his impotence and expected instant gratification when he finally got it up, the response would be the same: you made your bed now go lie in it alone.

But at the same time that's a legitimate excuse whereas the "I have a headache" thing that women use is a huge insult because it's both a lie and they're not even giving their partner the chance to put them in the mood. In order to know if he couldn't get it up they would've had to have been trying to initiate to find out he couldn't do it whereas she's not even bothered to let him try.

KiddNYC1O 20

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It's times like these I wish I could delete a comment.

It can't be too bad since the woman didn't turn down a chance to bitch about something. Don't you love lame gender stereotypes? Me too. You know what I'd love more? A sandwich. Get on that.

Using stereotypes to mock stereotyping. Makes sense.

Just because your comment doesn't get a bunch of thumbs up doesn't mean you should delete it. At least stick by your words.

It's just a total face-palm moment, I tried to think of something quickly. My apologies

Just like claiming a fake headache works in this guys sexually devoid relationship, as does my comment in response to yours

5 - it's ok it's not the end of the world, don't get all butt chafed.

-30 Yes, Now I've realized it doesn't matter what number the comment is, but the quality.

There you go :) some got some sence in to your comment :) 1 internet user down, billions to go

FadedMemories94 4

Honey, he was just doing what his wife does to him. :)

PYLrulz 17
tdawg4200 0

Wow #5 you're pretty stupid. What kind of wife, who, in a marriage, is obligated to have sex with her husband, keeps saying no?

187 - You just made yourself not only look like an idiot, but a complete prick as well. Sure, marriages are typically categorized with sex. But it doesn't mean that the woman is "obligated" to it. You make it sound like slavery. The way I see it, the marriage is an obligation to keeping each other happy and keeping the marriage healthy. If people are happy and the marriage is healthy, it usually will lead to sex. It's just a plus. Just saying.

I think its one of the "signs" towards homosexuality

Your comment is, yeah man. Jumping to thoughts of gayness just cause a guy doesn't mindlessly get on all fours over the promise of sex.... now THAT'S showing some repressed ****-sexuality.

A lady wants to have sex, eho would deny it? Answer: a gay man

Or, a man that came down ill with something, or a man whos self concious, or a man who drank alot of kool-aid and is coming down from a sugar rush when she asks, OR shes just ugly

GoW_Chick 14

No a man/woman attracted to another man/woman is a sign of homosexuality, so yeah shut your face, thanks. :)

stevenJB 25

Ydi for not knowing sex cures alot of headaches all those months. And ur man is just getting back at you.

But it's really hard to actually start doing it with a headache

stevenJB 25

Keep trying and eventually you get going

14.. Is it? I've never noticed, maybe you're doing it wrong?

I don't think they were actual headaches, let's be honest, quite worrying if she has a lot in a short space of time! also, if you think of the positive outcome (your headache is gone or even just reduced, you might ******, he might ******) that'll get you started! works with me!

I get utterly debilitating migranes maybe that's why

If you have a headache when you initiate sex, after some time the blood throbbing in your brain will reroute and go down south. Problem solved.

I've actually told my boyfriend I've got a headache before now to sneakily let him know I want sex. I'm not saying everyones partner will get that hint (also not saying they're stupid). I'll say it if there's someone in the house and we want to do something, he'll suggest we 'go upstairs to lie down and sleep it off' cut he's just playing along!

You completely deserve this. What goes around, comes around. The good ol' "Headache" excuse.

Sex is actually a great pain reliever. You should try it, OP.

skygirl_01 5

months?! marriage sounds terrible.

THEIR marriage sounds terrible.Mine is nothing like this,lol.

It's not. We've been married 16 years and still go at it several times a week!

I've been married 5 years and together with him for 9.It's not,trust me :)

MuchDance90s 0

married 10 years ... we love sex...