Little darling

By Anonymous - 21/05/2016 04:27 - Australia - Clayton

Today, I babysat a kid who was such a bratty little prick that I actually considered walking out on the job. After his mom finally got home 4 hours later, he called her a slut. When he got in trouble for it, he claimed that I taught him the word. Needless to say, I didn't get paid. FML
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dragoongirl90 34

You can't not get paid for a job you already did. For all you know, she taught him to do that so that she could have an excuse to not pay.

Should have taught him a nazi marching song.


dragoongirl90 34

You can't not get paid for a job you already did. For all you know, she taught him to do that so that she could have an excuse to not pay.

That's exactly what I was thinking, I doubt her child heard that in school or something (unless he's older) because if he did he probably would've said it before then.

I'm not sure about that. At my little brothers school there was some 4th grader going around calling all the first graders ******* and fucktards, there is also tv, Internet, and the possibility of overhearing it in public.

Helldemon 32

@12 Considering the kid just calls his mother that right when she gets home for seemingly no reason I have to agree with #1

andrmac 25

I would say by age 9 most kids have the full vocabulary of all the inappropriate words to say in front of their parents. That's between friends, school and siblings.

If she don't pay you just grab something of value and leave.

Regardless of whether you actually taught the kid a bad word or not- you should have been paid! Bratty kids do come from bratty mothers- I guess.

there might also be a bratty father. I hate it when all mistakes in a childs behavior should be the mothers fault. most kids have two parents.

#3 probably said that because the OP mentioned that the boy's mum refused to pay her but did not mention anything about the boy's dad. It has nothing to do with putting all the blame on the mother.

sp00derman 23

As revenge, you should get your friend to become his next babysitter and not show up so the mother can't go out because it's too late to find someone else to do it

tbrill 15

Even better idea - have a friend get hired to babysit the kid (if they're willing to sit through it) and see if the same thing (or something similar) happens again. Then you'll know if the mum really did intend to not pay you.

ericzaga 4

I would not have taken that well. 4 hours with that little shit. I'd start braking shit until I make my money's worth.

First, it's breaking. Secondly, how is breaking their stuff going to get you paid???

He would break things that would sum up the value of what he is owed. How did you not get that?

that's not fair at all! you should've been paid for the time you wasted on that prick will never get back!

The passion in this comment. My lord.

I've been working with children for 10 years, I feel your pain OP. The brats are the worst and it's unfortunate you got stuck with not only a bratty child, but a mother who doesn't see that. I suggest trying to calmly talk to her, because you deserve to get paid.

I would teach a kid that word.... wait, I taught my cousins that word

There's rarely such a thing as bad kids, just bad parents. The fact she was so quick to not pay you is proof.

rldostie 19

The parent can't deny you pay for services already rendered, especially considering you did the job required. The kid is alive and safe when the parent came home. That said, how does one go about making sure they get paid? Is it considered stealing if the employer doesn't pay the employee? Do you call the police or a lawyer. If it's a lawyer, I guess it wouldn't be worth it, and that's frustrating as hell because I'm betting the parent was all to happy to deny payment.

Not sure the court system would be much help, assuming there was nothing documented or in writing.

countryb_cth 38

Since she's babysitting she is probably still young herself. The best way for her to get her money is to get her mom to talk to the brats mom. Going to court would just be a waste of time and money.

As a last resort, there's always public shaming. OP could post on any social media platform the mom is on, explaining what happened and suggesting that it's a bad idea for anyone to agree to babysit the kid as long as the mom refuses to pay for services rendered. She won't be able to find a babysitter, and may even face judgment from friends and family until the situation is resolved.