By Anonymous - 18/11/2015 11:40 - Austria - Vienna

Today, my boyfriend canceled our date last-minute. He claimed he had no time because he had to iron his towels. FML
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He's got his priorities straight.

Sounds like he's putting in as much effort into the relationship as he did trying to come up with that excuse.


jessieluvxo 9

Lol wtf

I'm assuming her boyfriend also has a boyfriend.

He's got his priorities straight.

Or on shuffle.

I like that... I'm going to use that..

Im gonna guess that was a lame excuse and not true. In which case he needs to be dumped.

Eyalsh 32

maybe enough with the "dumping" on this website?

Well we know for sure his towels are straight :D

But everyone likes a good dump #75.

Wooooow that really sucks

youngmessi252525 20

He wants to impress you with his household cleanliness

Is that even a thing ?

clearly it is

don't towels just flatten out?

For someone with OCD maybe. Otherwise, definitely not.

Never underestimate the wonderful feeling of a freshly ironed towel.

As someone who irons their sheets, I'm ok with this.

I mangle my sheets and towels, but I've never met anyone who irons them.

Mortoli 30

he may be on some serious weed. just throwing it out there. i hear people do weird stuff when they high... lol

Didn't you know op? They have to be warm when you get out of the shower so you don't get cold from being in the hot water.

Sounds like he's putting in as much effort into the relationship as he did trying to come up with that excuse.

Either he has OCD or he was just looking for an excuse to not go. Call him out on it. Find out which it is, and if he was making excuses (which he most likely was) then find out why. Did he just not really want to go out that night (which sometimes happens to everyone) or is he no longer involved and/or interested in the relationship. And if he just didn't feel like going out that night, tell him you'd rather he be honest and just say "sorry, but I think I'd rather stay in tonight" as oppose to coming up with some weird lie and excuse.

Or he's actually gay. Creative way to come out of the closet.

I've done that before too.

Ironing towels is important, OP! Gosh!

Brokeandsad 8

That was the best he could come up with? Lol

Apparently yes....It was