By Anonymous - 21/05/2010 00:54 - United States

Today, my boyfriend gave me a pair of ankle weights for my birthday. How utterly romantic. FML
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hint hint, and hey you coulda gotten the "ohhhhh that's right, today IS your birthdayyyyy..... shit" be happy he remembered, and go walk off your frustration ;p

kaijapapaya 0 could be kinky if you wanted to make it so. Harder to run away? Ankle weights could be an awesome roleplay prop.

well all florida-ians are fat. jkjk but veltics will pwn. then laker will pwn them

tell him that with all the weight on your ankle you won't be able to lift them in the air, if you know what I'm sayin ;)

just go for a looooong walk OP, come back and ur bf will like you much better and have much better gifts ;)

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tfddsghigdswdcvhiugfxcdjotdhfrrwwhvhphj I hope that comes out as intended.

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****. it didn't lol stupi bigger box, but it pointed to retard which was hidin within the text. now go get scared of ur feet and cut them off. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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my comment was taken down already? well u know wat? F**k you gayoraders or antiflood if that's wat it is.

I'm with #42 on this one. What's up with jumping to assumptions? OP, is it the fact that your present was fitness related or the fact that it just wasn't romantic that makes you feel your life is ******? Are you that shallow/insecure?

42- you may be on to something here... nice post.

@#42: It all depends in the context it's given in. My ex-fiance used to buy me workout gear all the time, because he wanted me to lose weight. He took it to extremes, though, that just pushed me the opposite way. It all depends on the person and what they enjoy. A birthday gift, when given from someone truly thoughtful, should reflect what you know about the person and their interests. For example: My most recent ex is very into photography, so for his birthday, last year, I booked a photo adventure tour in Northern Arizona. It was phenomenal and really showed that I was trying to cater to his interests. For my birthday, he scheduled massages and a weekend away in a Bed and Breakfast because he knew how much I needed the relaxation. That scored so much higher with me than if he would have bought me jewelry! Gifts shouldn't be used as a way to get an agenda across!

What were you expecting, a *****? Instead of bitching about it, take the hint and get your ass in shape.

danceoo 0

not necessarily. we're assuming he gave them to her because he thinks she's fat. what if he thought she just liked working out? if you gave a gym junkie weights it wouldn't be offensive. or maybe she was complaining about how she never got to do any excerise, or bitching about how fat she's getting.

isnt it cold sitting on the snow and wearing that thin dress ?

Props for modeling for the cause. The nerve of some photographers.

Hmm. A hint maybe? But that is aweful. F your life. Sorry OP.

hahahahah (: that's funny! take the hint, lose some weight!

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And anyway, since when were birthdays about romance?

haha utterly get she's a cow MOO. sorry that was mean but I couldn't help my self:) that is really dumb of him though hurting her feelings and such

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Utter is not the same as udder.

Maybe you should take the hint? Or he's just horrible at picking out gifts...

I can't help but think that they could've been nipple weights. That would be udderly disastrous.

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Ankle weights and a membership to a nearby community pool...


haha you always have some the best comments and hey then your name would be here situation.. her life would effed in the deep end lol

FYLDeep 25

It's nice to have a good FYL. It seems like in more and more FML's the OP totally deserved it. I'm starting to wonder if my name's relevant.