By GlowInTheDark - 09/12/2011 07:41 - Australia

Today, I told my boyfriend about how a few years ago I had cancer, and how I underwent radiation therapy. His response? "Did you glow in the dark?" FML
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I apologize, on behalf of all men who are not idiots.

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Well, did you? Just kidding, don't worry, he was probably trying to make light of the situation.


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NERD alert !!! Run OP, runnnnnn !!!!

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Well on the bright side, you won the battle against cancer. ^.^

She glowed in the dark! Look at her name o.O

Not nerd actually, but moron Radioactive water won't glow in the dark but appear diffrently on x-ray (correct me if I'm wrong. it can be MRI which is totally diffrent than x-ray)( but hey I'm pretty sure it is x-ray)

How the hell...? You are the 1st comment on every recent fml..? WTF

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99. She just had a little extra time on her hands.. or maybe a lot.

Idk I guess I just log on at good timing...

I apologize, on behalf of all men who are not idiots.

Dear everyone, if you want to understand people more, please don't go to FML. We're not all douchebags! (I promise)

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That makes him a dbag? Cancer is some scary shit... How would you handle it?? "Ooh that sucks.."... Here is some sympathy? I'd probably do the same and make a joke to lighten the mood. Obviously if OP's boyfriend is just finding this out - it hasn't been too serious thus far. Give him a break.

Ya I doubt the bf here ever had this conversation before this incident to practice the best response

I'm sorry, it sounded like he was trying to defuse the situation and perhaps allow op to laugh at her past battle with cancer.

If I went through that, and survived, I wouldn't be looking for pitty. So that kind of lighthearted response says "so, I don't care, because I have you now." don't live in the past! What was you expecting from him?

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#57 sure i can understand that, i would also try crack a joke to try lighten the mood but i don't know if i would of said that! To me it seems a bit insensitive!maybe he said it due to nervousness from the situation but he could also be one of those few assholes that are being genuinely serious!

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I don't get why he is a dbag... It seems like a perfectly fine response, as it is tough to say something that will mean something, so sometimes you need a joke instead. Now than before someone decides to jump on me screaming about insenativity I am also a cancer survivor, so shocker I might know what I am talking about. Ta ta For Now.

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Why would someone jump on you when the last four people previous to your comment - myself included said the same thing?

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Well, did you? Just kidding, don't worry, he was probably trying to make light of the situation.

Hah, I see what you might have been doing there. :)

I'm pretty sure MOST of the people that come here get the pun.

but there could be a few people who need someone to shed some light

I'm really bad at subtle puns so I won't even try to make a particularly brilliant pun.

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Boyfriend is a dick, and is not very supporting BTW

Maybe it was a joke? My friend did radiation as well when she had thyroid cancer in HS, we used to try to make he laugh by saying well at least your room will be pest free since all bugs around her kept dying. It put a smile on her face.

I was thinking something along those lines... What OP said would be rather shocking news, the guy probably had no idea how to react to the situation. What were you expecting him to say, OP? "Oh my God, I'm so sorry that happened to you! Please, tell me your needs so I can fulfill them!"? Might seem harsh, but you kinda sound like you were expecting him to pity you.

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16- Except roaches, of course.

He's just trying to make light of the situation. Cancer is so scary and serious so I think OP's boyfriend is just trying to be comforting and supportive.

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i dont think its legal to date 5 year olds lady

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Seriously? Let's not change this into a political and social debate...

obviously the OP didn't mind since her name is glow in the dark

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If the O.P didn't mind, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be thinking F.M.L, would she?

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He was trying to make light of the situation..

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My apologies I started typing this before I saw the 3rd post I deserved to be thumbs downed and buried.

Cmon! It was an obvious joke! Take it as a good thing that he is that comfortble around you!

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Beefyq didn't say she-hulk, beefyq said hulk, therefore op would have to grow a penis to be hulk