By fifthtimesacharm - 26/04/2011 15:03

Today, it's hot and sunny, and a customer asked me how I was, I responded by saying "It's a hot sunny day. Who doesn't love the sun?" He responded by telling me he had just had three melanomas cut out. I guess I did find someone who doesn't like the sun. FML
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Who doesn't like the sun?: Vampires Skin Cancer Patients Me Badly sunburned people That guy that pwnd you


God can't have fun anymore without getting my face roasted.

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vampires don't like the sun. that's 2 people

rallets 22

no talking about twilight on my post... I don't like throwing up

When I was a kid vampires sucked blood, not dick.

if there was no twilight I couldn't wait outside the theater and get 15 year old girls! get some!!!!

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Oh? But "Shitty ass" rains my favourite weather :D

15. now that I think about it, it sorta sounds like it's raining diarrhea.

I like the snow :D sunny days can go die, imma go live in a igloo :)

snow and rain ftw! oh and Sean I thought that was a thong on your pussy for a second lol

snow and rain ftw!!!!!!!!!!!! I get light sensitive migraines so I hate sunlight >_<

I get migraines and heat stroke easily, so I really don't like the sun. I like the rain much better.

35 - come to Canada, we've got plenty of snow.

it's even more irritating when people say their first and they're not even right.

I don't know how that got on you comment lol sorry

haha. wat happened to that comment anyways? damn antiflood

does he like his eggs sunny side up atleast?

Who doesn't like the sun?: Vampires Skin Cancer Patients Me Badly sunburned people That guy that pwnd you

wouldn't the guy go under the cancer category? ooh and add me to the list. but I only hate the sun when it's bright out and ends up being like 20 degrees

I'm several of those like: badly sunburnt, guy who pwned you, and me. I still love the sun, especially bright and 20+ degree days.

who doesn't like the sun? that's like saying you don't like food. such fuckery!

without the sun, we would all die. so be greatful for the sun !

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I prefer cold weather. I'd rather be shivering than sweating, because you don't need to take a shower when you shiver. Cold also helps with getting girls too. "Oh, you look cold, let me warm you up."

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I need showers and baths when I'm cold. Hot water heats me better than other methods.

Why don't vampires like the sun? Then they sparkle!!!!

While I appreciate the sun for allowing us to live on this planet, I still don't like hot and sunny days. Give me cold and rainy any day :)

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Most people do like the sun, until they get skin cancer. What a shame.

I hate it and I don't have skin cancer, nor have I had skin cancer. I just love the pallor.

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Well, we wouldn't exist at all without the sun.

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We wouldn't exist without rain either.

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Rain wouldn't exist without the sun.

god damn lag...i hope his day goes brighter...

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shiit. hopefully you won't run into him again:p