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Today, I asked my daughter what time it was. She stared at the clock for several seconds before muttering, "I don't know". She's 14 years old and on the honour roll, and yet she can't tell the time on an analogue clock. FML
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I know college kids who can't read a regular clock. It scares me that these people are the future of this world.


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you all are calling OP a "retard" and "stupid" I feel pretty dumb too now because in school all we have is digital clocks..the last time I learned about time and clocks was in second grade. I think any modern day kid (like myself) sometimes struggles a bit too :/ TECHNOLOGY mann


ya i agree with 13, its pretty much all digital nowadays

i do that too! i got all A's all last school year, and will be 14 this year

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so!!! clocks are hard! and I have strait a's too!!!!! :p

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hell, i cant read a digital clock. haha jk, but i cant read a finger hand bullcrap one

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she's too busy focusing on school

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58. honor roll does not mean straight As it means As& Bs. Distinguished honor roll means straight As& Straight As are not that hard to get in elementary school, assuming you are in due to your lack of grammar.(:

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maybe you should reconsider your parenting skills. teach your child a few things and stop being a lazy parent.

Well it's TIME to get a ******* basic education.

Honor roll in middle school doesn't mean shit.

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66 - of they are in grade 8 (like me) they are........

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haha last time I checked 8th grade was in middle school there 94

KingGeorgeGal 12

I Stated that your grammar made you sound and look like you were in elementary school. The purpose of my comment was to state that it isn't that hard to get straight As till you are in highschool and start taking harder classes. I just finished up middle school with straight As and I took 3 highschool classes and even I admit it was easy. Highschool is harder, enough said.

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113, 8th grade isn't part of elementary school, so the person who said that if op was in 8th grade would be in elementary school is a moron, get the point?

WTF is distinguished? in my area above 80% is an honor roll. regardless of all above 80 or no

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Distinguished is when you get only above 90.

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it's different in different states, each state has it's different way of doing things, for instance in NY it's honor roll and high honors....obviously

113, if you have A's and B's you should know how to make a proper sentence....


the ones born in january febuary march april and june.

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wow KingGeorgeGal I'm sorry but your first comment was made in a extremely unnecessary attempt to troll. just take my advice and calm your titts.

In Cqanada, 8th grade is part of elementary school.

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153, although that is true in some parts of Canada it isn't in British Columbia, where op is from. sry to burst your bubble

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KingGeorgeGal girl- I agree elementary is way too easy but so is high school and g.e. in college; the real shit doesn't begin until you begin working on your career (trust me). What I am trying to say is do not feel superior to others because your grammar is so much more 'intellectual', this is FML who gives a ****.

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silencebaby- As far as I know nowhere in Canada is that true . I'm sure it is somewhere, certainly not in Alberta or BC as was already said. I'm curious now though, where do you go? Or did go.

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It wasn't just her grammar, I just don't like this girl. She annoys me and I'm sick of seeing her stupid comments. & I never said 8th grade was in elementary school, I was trying to say that if she gets As & Bs why does she talk like she's in elementary school. It really does not take that much effort to spell things semicorrectly and put some punctuation. Thumb me down, idgaf but this girl ANNOYS the shit outta me.

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Oh and I'm just going to state a fact that she changed 'honor roll' to ' straight A's in her first comment to make me look like a dumbass.

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180, I think it's only Ontario lol

might be just Ontario... it's like that here. I went to a K to 8 school. It's mostly like that in the small towns though, like where I grew up. Cities have middle schools. The city I live in now has middle schools.

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#67: 63 has a point. #63: Well said. ^_^ OP: Teach your daughter. Analogue clocks still exist in many places, believe it or not (this bit is more for the readers than you), and she should have that skill, if anything as proof of her intelligence (?). Goodnight. (:

58- Kind of hard to beleive when you can't spell straight right.

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Maybe in Cqanada, but certainly not Canada. Grade 8 is junior high/middle school. I was educated here.

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No, she changed it to "strait a's". Strait a's are much more narrow than straight a's!

how can someone who can't spell 'straight' get A grade ?

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f that everyone who defends digital all probably do know how to read analogue clocks. I have all digital clocks in my school but I still know how to freaking read an analogue clock! I'm 14 and in the honor roll too... it's not that hard and all of you know it! granted she might have never been taught because once you learn it's pretty hard to forget...

There are tons of analogue clocks at my school, pretty much every classroom has one. EVERYONE I know that isn't a toddler can read an analogue clock. So, if you can't read one, then you might need some mental help because everyone was taught how to read one and they aren't rare.

In Newfoundland 8th grade is junior high.

does she annoy you because of the beiber pic?

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n Ur A Grown Women Who Cnt Spell HONOR !!

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N Ur A Grown Women Who Cnt Spell HONOR

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N Ur A Grown Women Who Cnt Spell HONOR !

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Gr 8 Is Middle Skool Nt Elementry....Smart One :/

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ummm 8th Gr Is Middle School Nt Elementry....Smart One :/

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yea In My State We Say High Honor

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Oh lord. Honor and Honour are both correct. -__-

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chill out chicka. no one uses proper grammar online. haha

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honey I'm in high school with 4 college courses along with honor roll. u dnt know hard till u are in ap classes. they are stricter on you than college really is.

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my brother is 16, he cant do that either

Hahaha! That sounds exactly like me! Same age and being on the honor roll and everything!! Getting straight A's doesn't mean you know everything!

well it's not that I don't no how to read it. cuz I can. it's just it's takes me a little but longer then reading a digital clock.

I assume the clock was analog... that's not a big deal, you see them around often plus maybe your daughter was just having a bad day. However if it was digital and she couldn't tell the time then she's in trouble. :P

272, first off you can spell it either way, as "honor" or as "honour." I remember my certificate saying "Academic Honour Role," so... Also, at my old school it went from kindergarten to 8th grade, and we called it elementary school. It's different everywhere.

Maybe my school district is weird because all the classrooms K-12 have analogue clocks. Also for us 8th is in high school.

You do know that Canadians spell HONOUR 'u' in it, right? Dip shit. Hahaha calling someone else dumb, look at yourself.

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280, high school college classes aren't that difficult. I saw them as a slight waste of my time because it seemed as though we went over the exact same things over and over again... and in my new school district AP classes are just blow off classes because they have you do much less work than the normal classes. I'm not saying that you're lying, I'm just saying I don't see the difficulties you say you see; maybe my school district is just backwards in everything...

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Anyone else notice that on FML everyones grammar is so proper and what not... why do u all find the need to correct other people!?!?!

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389: Why does everyone feel the need to use improper grammar. It doesn't take that much effort to make it so you have grammar that people can understand . Half the comments 58 has on here I can barely understand.

holy crap im 14 and its not hard at all to read a regular non digital clock,most people my age are just too stupid and lazy because its "not cool" and they worry more about things that dont matter in life like texting cuz they wanna be "cool" and dont have any common sense on what matters cuz they cant live without technology and if it all dissapeared all of the sudden probably 85% of kids would die.

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280: I am also in all college and AP classes in high school. It's not that difficult to keep straight A's. If you find it difficult, you might want to try using proper grammar when typing. It might help. If you think that I'm just a nerd with no life, I can promise you that you are COMPLETELY incorrect. I do track, Drill Team, dance in a studio, and babysit which takes up most of my spare time.

kewlkate 9

I also completely agree with 391.

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Yep, elementary school students probably think "clocks are hard" too. Clocks are hard?? Really??

I'm fourteen and I'm appalled by the lack of proper grammar everywhere on the Internet. But it's not going to change anything. Get over it.

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your comment goes so well with your picture :)

OP is the retard for saying non-digital. Analog would be the word.

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or shes just lazy or occupied in something else?

No, honor is how we Americans spell it. There are many words like that where we dropped the "ou" from words and just kept the "o". I guess technically honour would be right since it was spelled like that long before we chnaged it to honor.

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203 - Please spare the Americans with sense SOME dignity by avoiding questions like that. Have you never seen "honour," "colour," "favourite," and the like? Words are spelled like that in other English-speaking countries. Sometimes, I really don't like being American. We're not all bad.

FiestaInMyPants 8

214 - Trust me, they know how we spell it.

what did 203 say this conversation isnt making any sense..

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I know how to read normal clocks, but digital clocks are fine. Just say "Half past" whatever it "quarter till"

juicystarr07 can't read those clocks either

Actually that sounds like most Americans.

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she might just have terrible eeeyesighy

The ironic part, 183, is that OP and her daughter are Canadian.

And cater to her ignorance? Why not just take the time to teach her? If first-graders can learn it, it shouldn't take more than an hour or so for a fourteen-year-old without a learning disability to get it.

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to #20 Yes, we shall cater to ignorance, get over it.

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My elementary school teacher taught my whole class how to read clocks. Not my parents. It is not the parents fault

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at least it wasn't a digital clock.

As a 14 year old myself, the only real benefit to analog clocks is that they usually look better but in reality the whole system is just hard to read into exact minutes, so digital clocks are obviously going to be almost completely the only clocks in a few years.... I mean would you be embarrassed if you couldnt read a sundial? agreed the girl should be able to read a damn clock, as we learn it in Kindergarden, but I'm sure at the same time the daughter can do a lot more with technology than the daughter she fails at teaching followed by complete bewilderment at the lack of a skill she didn't teach her daughter years ago when analog clocks were actually common........

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I prefer my good ol' sundial.

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@40 most people learn this from their parents. even if it is part of the curriculum in their school, the parent still maintains responsibility for educating their child on everyday things like reading a damn clock. i dont care what level of school your child has obtained, as a parent you didnt get them there, especially when you havent bothered to cover the basics like this when they were younger. useless parenting, try actively participating in your childs education OP, you useless twat.

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Agreed with 209— I knew how to read analog clocks when I was 3, ffs. It's pathetic to see anyone over 10 not be able to, and that's being lenient. Sure, digital watches are more common, but it's not at all hard to read an analog one. All it takes is a little common sense. Sure, you don't always get the exact minute, but if you're more than a minute or so off, then you need to re-learn how to read them. I'm glad it was a Canadian, though.. At least some people will spare us the "Americans are idiots" comments.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Wow!!! By 14, that girl should be in high school! 9th or 10th grade. That's something you should learn at a young age. This is just lazy parenting! You can't expect the teachers to do everything for the kids. They assume that by high school, you should have already learned to count by 5's. My little nephew is 4, and he can count by 5's (I don't know how old he was when he learned, but he is 4 right now)... The only reason I ever had a hard time reading a clock was when I was too far away from it to see the hands... Let's assume that that was her problem. Watch that parent blame it on the school. My daughter is in High School and can't read a clock, let's blame it on her teachers... and teachers can't do anything when your kids misbehave, because kids run the schools now. Beating up teachers and stuff. Even Jamaica stopped beating the kids... (But only because parents started coming in to beat the teacher that beat their kid.) Sigh, I remember when if you got beaten on the street by an adult, and your parent(s) found out about it, you'd get a worse one at home... Now little babies are threatening adults with knives saying they're gonna cut them, and parents just look on thinking, "aww, how cute..."

#178 - you know what? I probably WOULD be embarrassed if I couldn't read a sundial. It's not like they're hard to figure out. Sure, I don't have to use one to figure out what time my train leaves, but simple human logic skills should mean you're able to work out how to read one.

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yeah but she's the mom and can't even spell analog!!!! that's the real problem!!!!!

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she probably doesn't know how to read the clock either. that's why she asked her daughter.

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digital clocks! maybe she just didn't want to tell you, or she's just dumb.

I know college kids who can't read a regular clock. It scares me that these people are the future of this world.

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Weird, analog clocks may not even be around in this future you speak of. I mean, I can tell time on an analog clock, but with technology nowadays, you don't even need to know how.

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I'd prefer to be led by someone who can use technology over someone who can use an antiquated item of the past

Or just maybe being able to read a large portion of clocks still in use would be a good thing. It's incredibly simple to learn, so why not learn it?

A7X_LoVeee 10

How is this even possible?! I don't understand how people can be so stupid.

When I was in high school, I didn't know a single other person who could tell time on an analogue clock. It was scary.

dudeitsdanny 9

You're assuming she can use technology. I wouldn't trust my electronics on someone who can't even read an analogue clock.

I studied to become an elementary-school teacher. Teaching this kind of thing apparently just isn't a priority anymore. I learned in first grade. Now it's not even a part of the curriculum. Sad.

sad state of affairs the educational system is!

what school does she go to? yea I learned how to read clocks when my first grade teacher taught me..