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Today, my boyfriend told me that I look better in different kinds of light. I asked him which kind of light I looked best in. His reply? "No light at all." FML
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Why do people feel like they need to give advice? It's annoying.

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I'm so tired of these insecure whiny girlfriend FMLs.


Blue_Coconuts 7

Well if there's no light at all, then you just look like whoever he wants.. Kate Beckensale, Megan Fox, etc etc.. But if he's with you there has to be some sort of attraction at least.

Mmmm... Megan Fox...

Megan Fox's neck is too long. Also FYL, I'm sure he was joking along with all the 'my boyfriend said this FML...'. I'm going to have to try that once.

YDI for being ugly.

shut up asshole

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Megan Fox is the hottest woman ever. To the OP, YDI for asking stupid questions.

Plus have you seen Fox's thumb? It's weird.


You guys are so naive it's possible that in no light at all that she looks sexy because of the mystery OP YDI for overeacting and pmsing :D

#74..."the mystery"? Are you gay?

I disagree he's probably saying that meaning he wants no light because of what happens when they're off

DuhthatsObvious 0

I'm so tired of these insecure whiny girlfriend FMLs.

Yup, I have to agree as well. It seems that every day we have at least one "my boyfriend told me I'm ugly/fat/smelly" FML and it's getting really boring. FML are supposed to be funny, not whiny.

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They're almost as a bad as the "Dude brah I was COCKBLOCKED FML SO MAD!" FMLs.

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its the FML's problem. its the people who are approving them.

agree. fuck your life?? he's only joking around, wow. get a fucking life.

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I'm agreeing with #2 and #20, the constant girlfriends that can't take a simple joke, think their life is ruined . . . It was just a joke, get over it OP.

@43: at least those can be funny. These are never funny. Unless the BF said something full of win. But that's very rare. @OP: you are a stupid drama queen and need to STFU. I hope your BF dumps you for being so sensitive. Ever think he was kidding? And even if he wasn't, he's still your BF so he obviously doesn't care that much.

I totally agree with #2 and #20. These FMLs are getting really annoying and seeing one of them a day is getting on my nerves and they're not funny at all.

Agreed with 64 so hardcore. God damn I hate stupid bitches like miss OP here. Nobody cares, OP.

Not as bad as the "my gf said my dick was small aw man fml" shit

He was probably hinting at bedroom and sex. So, rather cute. And yes, every man makes a dark-humor joke once in a while. All these whiny chicks should just laugh, instead of posting boring FML-s.

I agree, I'm sick of all these boring FMLs. I want funny ones.

I second that motion.

Yeah, that was my first thought. You look best when you're having sex o_o; Unless you frak with the lights on all the time.

Totally agree with #3 He clearly was referring to sex when he said "no light"

Yeah, gotta agree. I'd take that as a compliment, and a *rowr* one at that. Laugh a little :)

Why do people feel like they need to give advice? It's annoying.

WTF is up with these stupid FML post! He was clearly joking! It's call a sense of humor! Get one Its Fucking greaT!

omg everyone gets so stuck into each other. for those of you saying to get a sense of humour, get one yourselves and stop attacking everyone.

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Daz just mean

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Oh no ! The world is ending; get a new boyfriend. You don't deserve his humor -_-

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LOL u got owned but dump him

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Don't choose a boyfriend with the manners of a cow. YDI

maybe he means that he likes you the most when you guys are doing something that doesnt require light, if you know what i mean :)

*cough cough*

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@27 Of course not! It's riverdancing! Obviously he was talking about that.

yeah that's what I was gonna say. That probably what he meant by "no light" not that you're ugly Gosh, use your imagination and stop being so insecure.