By sadgf - 29/03/2009 17:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were snuggling on bed watching tv. He gets up at one point and turns the light off and I asked him why. He said "You look better in the dark". FML
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u shoulda said "how does this look in the dark?" and smacked him

tell him his penis looks bigger in the dark too.


dump him! im sure ur perfectly good looking in the light. he doesnt deserve you.

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this fml is old i read it like three day a go but in a difrent form

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But shawty don't take this the wrong way you look better with the lights off better with the lights off.

Ouch...Next move is to get up and leave.

You should respect his honesty and be glad he didn't firmly place a brown paper bag over your head. You're also lucky he is dating you if you're that fugly. It's more of a FHL for having an ugly girlfriend.

u shoulda said "how does this look in the dark?" and smacked him

Or punched him in the man spot!!

#3, shut up #4, LOL

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Correct response: "Oh, really? So do you. Funny coincidence..."

Destroy him.

#4, i love you. hahaha.

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Lol @ nickname: sadgf. That does suck though.