By thanks babe - 06/10/2014 23:47 - United Kingdom - Bridgnorth

Today, I told my boyfriend about how I was a test tube baby. He looked at me with confusion before asking, "But if scientists made you, surely you'd be really attractive and talented and stuff?" FML
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JMichael 25

You might want to explain to him what a test tube baby is.

This isn't a dystopian young adult novel. Where did he get that idea? As far as I know, that kind of genetic manipulation is still controversial, if not downright illegal.


But it's not the truth. "Test tube babies" are made using the genetics of the parent. Whether OP is attractive and talented or not, it was a dumb **** thing for her boyfriend to say.

pharm121 21

Except you can alter the genetics to "insure" that the baby will grow to a certain height, have a certain body type, eye color, hair color etc. all using the parents genes. It's just about turning of dominate genes and turning on recessive ones. So in sense the boyfriend was right. But still it was a dick thing to say.

You should have told him he was a mistake.

I guess we know why #1 is single, and I hope op is now too!

starcaller17 16

#40, that's still scifi, we have no idea how to do that in real life, we know we can but that doesn't mean we are able to.

Preposterous 8

40, if we could do that, then practically every single genetic disease should be reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

We can but it's illegal to genetically modify humans.

#61 Actually we can, and we have done so with other animals. We don't do it on humans yet because it is still considered "immoral". We even found a way to switch a gene on to make us 100% more muscular and durable. Again, we don't do it on humans yet because the scientists fear backlash for moral issues.

The idiot boyfriend mistook "test tube" with "genetically engineered embryo". The former has been around for about 30 years now. The latter has been tested extensible but not perfected yet to make a "super baby". And nope is not sci-fi anymore but not a complete reality either.

#40 have you ever seen Gattaca because you just explained the entire plot of the movie

Don't let him get to you! If you like yourself the way you are, you shouldn't change yourself!

JMichael 25

You might want to explain to him what a test tube baby is.

RedPillSucks 31

do they have popup picture books for IVF (test tube babies) cause I think that's about his speed.

and while you are there,explain to him what an asshole he is.

rominion 11

Yes, yes they do. I've provided them to children in the past.

kamryno 22

Neither do I, can someone please explain?

IVFis the process of removing a woman's eggs and taking a male's sperm sample, artificially fertilizing them on a lab, and then placing the fertilized egg back in the woman. It's designed to help combat infertility and other problems conceiving so a couple can still have a baby that's genetically yours

This isn't a dystopian young adult novel. Where did he get that idea? As far as I know, that kind of genetic manipulation is still controversial, if not downright illegal.

Altering genes IS very illegal! At least in America and I believe all United Nations. GATTACA for some reason came to mind.

I think there was a news article where around 20 or so children had this happened to them at a time when it was legal. After that they were like nope, not anymore.

RedPillSucks 31

I think probably from watching "Weird Science"

Without getting to much into it, I believe you are talking about screening and selectively avoiding genetic disorders, which is legal. We do this on both natural and artificially made humans. PKUs in California are mandatory and covered by the state.

In the UK, where OP is from, the term "Test Tube Baby" is used to define someone who was conceived via IVF.

Widespread genetic manipulation could rid the world of morons... this site would get boring. Unless they used their skills to build a more robust moron, but then they would likely be confused by the big words.

He isn't just any idiot. The greatest minds of this generation came together with the express purpose of making the dumbest idoit they could, and you just put him in charge of the entire facility.

It's not illegal at all.. It is immoral. Rich people genetically alter babies sometimes so that way they have certain hair color or eye color.. Your dumb for what you just said. Go back to biology

It's is only illegal to modify the actual DNA and replace the faulty DNA with healthy DNA which is called germ line therapy..

DocBastard where are you?! Clearly we need one of your lessons on whether genetic/DNA altering is actually 100% possible, still being researched, or complete myth. **shines DocBastard symbol into cloudy night sky**

With today's tecnology we have the ability to put any gene in almost any species. We can clone we can do almost anything with genes. I think that gene altering is illegal in the Us, Uk, and Australia, but not Russia.

Aww love to hear ignorance in the morning. Try explaining the methodology of the procedure to him. If that doesn't work, please refrain from reproducing with this gentleman.

RedPillSucks 31

Do they have popup picture books about test-tube babies (IVF) because I think this is about hes speed.

meli1195 31

Maybe No.20 Meant to post that on a the comment before but accidentally posted it to this one, so he re-posted it to the other comment he meant it for.

RedPillSucks 31

Yep. Didn't notice until it was too late to edit

That sucks, don't let him get u down, he doesn't deserve u

Say "Yeah, and surely you'd still have a girlfriend if you weren't an asshole"

He was probably and obviously joking if he said that to his girlfriend.

fallingbackward 2

Sadly, he probably still has a girlfriend. >. > it might have dinged her self confidence enough that she didn't leave him.

If my significant other said that to me I would laugh my ass off. I would never get into a relationship where somebody would treat me that way lol. You learn these kinds of traits before you begin your relationship, hence dating. I'd probably respond with some other witty quip.

Isn't it ironic, when someone tries to insult your intelligence/appearance but they're instantly displaying their own pure ignorance to everyone else?

ostfaiz 18

he must be making fun, suggest him to perform masters in mimicry