Dating is hell

By ZombiKilla - 16/08/2016 02:46 - United States - Delta

Today, I went on a date. Met the guy at the restaurant, everything seemed to be going OK, but then he spent the entire dinner talking about Pokemon GO, and wouldn't let me say a word. He suddenly stops talking, gets up, says he, "doesn't feel a connection" and leaves. I had to pay the bill. FML
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He's probably with Team Rocket and needed the free meal. Giovanni doesn't pay well!

A lure probably ran out


He's probably with Team Rocket and needed the free meal. Giovanni doesn't pay well!

cheshireau 26

This gave me a chuckle. Thank you, I needed it :)

Shadowvoid 33

Well at least he would (Pokemon) Go away so you never have to Go on another date with them.

I felt like your first instinct was to try for a pun, but I commend your valor to attempt one.

This comment is mystical

Shadowvoid 33

I mystically ****** up. P.S. TEAM BLUE!

About as good as Hillary's pun.

I think your date went as good as it could have considering who you were with. No class

That's why I am dating a girl that plays the game more than I do. That way we can both talk about it and avoid making an FML

askullnamedbilly 33

He didn't let OP say anything, so I'm not sure how that would've helped.

OP used Pay Day... Coins scattered everywhere! Bad Date ran away!

A lure probably ran out

What a jerk! Good riddance! Btw, I wouldn't be surprised if he left that abruptly to catch Pokemon nearby...

So he's a jerk but OP who left his wallet and date had to pay dodged a bullet. Huh.

#10 you read it wrong. The guy is a jerk because he was the one who got up and left leaving OP to pay the bill. Also, he did not let the OP talk at all.

Wtf are you on about?

#10. Reading can be hard. Don't worry, you'll get better at it

In #10's defense, s/he is referring to a different FML where OP (a guy) forgot his wallet and his date freaked out on him, so people were saying good riddance because his date was insensitive, unreasonable, etc. In both these situations, the guy did not pay. However, in this FML we consider him a jerk, whereas in the other FML people mostly considered him the "victim". I think #10 was trying to say that we pick different sides depending on the situation and that somehow it isn't fair. However, my response is that every situation is different and you can't compare them just because of minor similarities (in this case, guys who don't pay) because the differences tend to outweigh the similarities. Hence, we will react in very different ways. Hope that clears things up!

Says the bastard with a sexualized flower as a profile picture.

Ah, men like him give me hope! Hope that I won't be the worst date some poor sod has. "Alright, now what can we order to ensure our bill comes out to be a multiple of five dollars?" "What? Why would yo—" "Hey, at least I'm not talking about Pokémon Go nonstop and abruptly leaving you with the bill!"

What about multiples of six, will you compromise on that? Also, I feel like I'd have a lot of fun with you trying to make the receipt end up like that. Can you even it off with a tip?

Multiples of… SIX?! I—you—it…You've got me all worked up just thinking about such a thing. This… this isn't appropriate!

andrmac 25

Well I guess he'd rather play with his pokeballs by himself.

Did you expect him to pay?

No, she probably either expected them to split it, they pay for their own orders, or in some cases, the one who asked for the date is the one who pays. If the guy asked her out, I can understand her thinking he'd be the one to pay. In any case though, the guy was a dick, not letting her speak, talking about just one topic, then abruptly leaving making her pay for everything, that's not right. If he was going to leave early because he wasn't feeling anything, that's fine, but he could have been more polite about it, and the least he could do is pay for his half.