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Omg the garbage bandit! Awww it must've been sooo freakin cute. did you hug it and take it as a pet? like the episode of king of the hill when bobby took one as a friend :)

How is finding a raccoon an FML? Unless it attacked you and you got rabies or something its really not a big deal at all.


I have a pet raccoon & yes she is very cute & sweet & cuddly. Sleeps w/ me & everything However if she doesn't like u she will attack & bite the shit outta u. She doesn't care for my husband much. FHL huh.


You all are city slickers- wild raccoons when cornered: aka garbage!! can are extremely crazy and agreesive and they can grow to the size of 50lb dog!


# 12 FAIL!!!! Anyway FYL OP that must hurt, raccoons are viscious, dangerous creatures.

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