By O__o - 09/12/2011 06:43 - United States

Today, I got stuck driving behind a rather large motorcyclist on a one way road for 30 miles. For those 30 miles, I had a full view of his back fat rolls and butt crack. FML
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Angelice_fml 0

It's times like these that I wish there were such a thing as memory bleach.

ThaBeasty01 5

30 mile one way road ? where do you live .. china ?


Angelice_fml 0

It's times like these that I wish there were such a thing as memory bleach.

Adollable 0

Vodka, because Obama is a beautiful chocolate man.

Muslimgal92 0

I would rather have fun in those thirty miles and imagine his ass crack as a basketball game and throw small stuff ;) bahaha

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#8 - No, don't even make FML references if you can't do it correctly. OP: Were you forced to look at his fat rolls and ass crack? No? Then you could have been doing something else like, oh, I dont know... LOOK AWAY (unless you liked it). Still, I feel bad for you for having to look at such a disgusting sight.

Please, 21, tell me how is OP supposed to look away while driving -_- Even if you are looking at the guy's head, you can't evade such sight completely...

21, either you don't drive, or drive like a maniac. In order to maintain safe driving, you're supposed to keep an adequate distance from the vehicle in front of you, and with most drivers, we measure according to whether you can see their rear tire or if your dashboard hides it. Thus, OP would have to endure this disgusting sight regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

And even further distance behind a motorcycle.... Don't know why he'd be driving close enough for this to bother him. Back off, OP!!

I was gonna say what 21 said but as a joke. I am afraid she was serious though

m0tl3ycru3 0

Couldn't the OP just slowed down and followed from a distance if it was that bad?

I'm pretty sure she did not enjoy it. I wonder if ANYONE enjoys that sight..

Why didn't the OP just PASS the guy? If she's stuck behind him, obviously she'd have gone faster if he wasn't there anyway.

ThaBeasty01 5

30 mile one way road ? where do you live .. china ?

ThaBeasty01 5
zaleh 23

26- Since when did we start driving on walls?

ThaBeasty01 5

My original comment said .. where do you live china ? as in where are there 30 mile one way roads , and the great wall of china is alot longer than 30 miles but is a one way road .

ThaBeasty01 5

says the person that got 5 thumbs down, go hate on someone else's comment

koolkat27 13

wow guys, just calm down. yeah it was a dumb comment but you dont have to get so butthurt about it.

WeAreAHurricane 14

Well if its going to be burned into your memory, might as well frame it...

If you are a bad person in life, I think you come back as that guy's motorcycle seat.

Someone who was very bad is that seat right now.

jpoole 4

This could just have easily been a bonus if you had that sort of a fetish.

OP's living the life of a chubby chaser?

2ndSucks 15

Did his fat rolls blow gracefully in the wind too?

borkchop1992 15

that would have made an amazing post card if you took a picture of it

ugh! perfect time to erase your memory! : I don't know how you managed to keep your eyes on the road OP!

KiddNYC1O 20

It was a dark, narrow road. ;)