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  boating_guy  |  33

My god I am hurt for OP too. Firsthand experience with family members who are cancer survivors and I can't imagine any other human being saying words like that to a survivor.

This FML is fucked up in more ways than I care to count. So many things wrong with this.

  JocelynKaulitz  |  28

Aside from how big of an asshole that boss is, congrats OP on getting through your treatment! You don't need someone like that as your employer. When one door closes, another one opens! :)

  Adm_Twigs  |  19

#34, Thanks for seeing the happy part of this post! It's always great when someone beats their disease.

On the job note, I feel it would have been better for him say piss off and screw a goat!

  thecrizzy  |  16

As someone currently fighting cancer I'm glad you made it through. Words can't describe how angry I would be. And to assume you wouldn't make it? We're fighters. Hope you find a better job and continue strongly!

  HotRose  |  18

#134, You're right a cancer survivor not getting their promised dream job, because their boss thought they wouldn't pull through, is totally justified because they MIGHT be under qualified.

How dare OP think his boss was going to follow through on the promise.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Op, you should tell the boss how horribly unethical it is to verbally promise a job to someone with cancer without expecting to give it to him because he thought he would die. Then tell him you have no problem taking this to HR where they take things like this pretty seriously! When you take this to HR ask them if they really want it known that the boss turned down a job he promised to a cancer patient because he hoped he would die, also let them know it was a verbal contract and that should hold some weight. If they still refuse (which I doubt) then tell them you have no problem taking this to court or the newspaper, and letting everyone know what an ass he really is. The newspaper would totally eat this story up and op would probably get a job offer from somewhere else. This is literally one of the worst things I've heard before, he basically (maybe not intentionally) hoped you would die! Good luck op and I hope hr makes the job possible for you!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Edit: I was assuming that op was already an employee and that this was a big promotion or relocation to a different division. Just realizing that this might not be the case. However, if op isn't an employee already, he could still say most of that to the boss and see his reaction (if he doesn't mind working for a guy like that).

By  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Life's too short for negative pieces of shit like that. There has to be more than one person hiring for your dream job, and hopefully someone who isn't soulless.

And congrats OP, on winning your fight!