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  jpallan  |  3

"My high school class" implies that this person *is* the teacher and is forced to deal with a student this … brilliant at the high school level.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

Some chick from my high school days asked our teacher why people have gone to the moon but not the sun. My teacher answered, "Because the sun is too hot and they would burn up." The chick replied, "So why not go at night?"

It was then that I realised just how screwed my generation is.

  monkeys1315  |  0

Haha everyone has dumb moments. I remember the funniest thing my friend asked me one day if we won the revolutionary war!!! And we were in 10th grade, I'm like do we have British accents?

  hotscar  |  3

Also, my cousin, when he was a senior, he was learning about watergate. When he heard that nixon bugged the democrats headquarters, he asked how they got rid of them: if they called an exterminator.


Explaining that you're being sarcastic and what it's based on ruins any comedic effect it may have had. In this case it wasn't amusing regardless, so not much of a loss, eh?

OP.. haha, I love stupid people.

  angela44  |  0

I'm blonde and I'm pretty smart ; but your comment was really stupid and you can't even use the excuse that you're a blonde. But OP that's not very good that they don't know that, lol

  Link5794  |  18

127, nobody can take someone seriously if their profile picture is a shirtless mirror photo. Unless it's a girl, that is.