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  Girreth  |  7

That's not even sweet, that's insulting. The world's ending, oh shit, time to do things I would normally never even think about doing like stealing a TV, drowning a fish, and proposing to my loved one.

  Pleonasm  |  34

NotGabe has got the wind in his sails! He has re-galed us with great puns on this fine day- it's like a breath of fresh air for a pun-preciator like me.


It's a Doctor Who reference from the first season of the reboot. There is an episode which due to a alien nanoparticle people develop gas masks for faces. I guess nobody got the nerd reference.

By  Jeffo193  |  13

Well, it's obviously not the right time for you both...also, having spoken to my friends about this (and they agreed) i think most men want to be the proposer not the proposee...

By  katydid95  |  5

It kind of sucks that he wouldn't give you a real straightforward answer, but you deserve it for asking him because of the "apocalypse", no matter how small a contributing factor.

  teamlightskin  |  14

Its better for him to say no now than to say yes solely because he believes this is the end, only for tomorrow to come and he has to explain the only reason he accepted was because he thought we were going to die, and that he truly doesnt want to marry you...

By  andrew6p  |  19

Well, its not the end of the world. Its the time when there is an alignment between the sun, moon, and the earth etc etc. there will be today the winter solstice. Anw its sweet of you, but ur bf had a lame excuse for saying no... Anw good luck op