By Anonymous - 09/02/2010 02:17 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of six months dumped me for his girlfriend on Grand Theft Auto because he was "tired of having to please two women at once." FML
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Sounds like he just needed any excuse to dump you.

Did she win him over with a cheat code?


Sounds like he just needed any excuse to dump you.

advent2060 4

yea that's probably true b/c who in their right mind would actually chose a videogame gf over a real one? maybe u were a shitty gf or he's gay LOL

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@5: First thing that came to mind when I read that.

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Maybe it was an actual girl? You can play GTA4 online with real people. That would make it slightly less weird.

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You think she's a gardening tool? ^^ ?

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well, hes obviously a complete ******

Sometimes I tire of pleasing seven women at once. But then they give me a massage and I'm good to go again.

Not only would no one pick a video game, but pleasing the girl in gta takes no effort

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sounds like a loser anyway. I'm sure u can do much better! :)

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maybe u should take note? get tattoos n help him bust drive bys sheesh dont be so difficult he might come around in no time

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