By Badam - 30/03/2013 01:29 - France - Geaune

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She didn't say no, she didn't faint, and she didn't cry. She just stared at me blankly and said, "But... why...?" FML
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You wanted an honest reaction, I'm assuming. Perhaps she isn't ready to take that step. Nothing wrong with that.


stevenJB 25

IMO, another FML that might have an untold back story

Not everyone has the need to get married. I for myself, don't wan't to get married but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love my girlfriend and want to spend my life with her.

LuckBeNimble 19

38: true, but what if getting married meant a lot to one of you? relationships require compromise at times. in this case, it is unclear whether OPs girlfriend has something against marriage or is not ready or some other unknown factor. in most situations, her response is understandably considered an "FML" situation.

i dont think her response necessarily meant she didn't want to get married. my response to my proposal was 'are you joking?' i think OPs girlfriend was just so stunned she couldn't think straight

sotheresthisgirl 8

Not everyone wants to get married. That doesn't make them any less in love. Nor does it mean they have commitment issues. Some people just choose not to. Then there are some of us that legally don't have the option.

Now it's YOUR turn to stare blankly... Ouch, I'm sorry OP.

You wanted an honest reaction, I'm assuming. Perhaps she isn't ready to take that step. Nothing wrong with that.

Nothing wrong with not being ready for marriage, but that was a bad response to give.

but he's like a modern day dr. suess. i see no problem in marrying him.

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I was about to say, did anyone else notice how well this FML rhymed? Haha

yeah, must be a bloody good translator. Translating rhymes and keeping them well... rhyming is difficult.

We're you expecting her to faint, cry, OR say no?

I think they knew that's what WE were expecting

Clearly he was expecting her to faint, cry, AND say no. In that order

I'm sure everyone understood what she was trying to say 54. My autocorrect changes were to we're all the freaking time. It's very annoying.

Well you weren't technically rejected op so get back out there and try again in a few months maybe she'll say yes then.

insertnameherr 11

At least it wasn't a straight out no!

Are you assuming that if he gives the correct answer she may say yes? Cause to me it sounds kinda like a "no"

Anything that's not a definate "yes" is probably a "no"

72 just because she's not ready to jump into a life-long commitment with him doesn't mean she's cheating.

insertnameherr 11

Sorry guys, I just read over my comment again and I just realized how stupid it is. Sometimes I disappoint myself.

Awww well at least she didn't say no. Keep your head high OP:)

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She's probably just not ready to get married. :P Tell her that she means a lot to you, maybe that will change her mind!

Yeah.. Why? Tell her why you love and want to marry her. That'll convince her!