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Today, my dad screamed at me because I've been "spending too much money". He's been out of a job for 4 months and I've been giving him 300 dollars a month to help pay for bills... and his beer. FML
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Stop giving him money -_- if he pulls that shit "I took care of you blahblah blahhh" tell him he's the dumbass that didn't use a rubber >:|


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YDI for giving your dead-beat dad money for beer.

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Simple fix. Tell him "You're absolutely right," and then explain your new budget, which of course does NOT include his $300 a month. then be like, "See? I cut my spending by $300 a month! Aren't you proud of me daddy?" That'll shut him up.

Maybe the OP "giving" Dad money purely out of generosity? Or, as I suspect is actually the case, is the OP actually paying $300/month in rent because he/she is still dependent on his/her parent's support to survive? If that's the case, the OP is getting a roof overhead (and probably), utilities, meals, and laundry service for that low, low sum which gives Dad the perfect right to blow his top if the OP is running up utility bills with hour long hot showers, not turning off lights, and running a load of laundry for just one pair of jeans to wear on his/her big date.

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People do it so their comment appears as close to the front of the page as they can get instead of far off into several pages.

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no one ever reads the other page of comments LOL

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Stop giving your Dad $300 a month for beer and utilities? Tell him that you'll just pay the bills directly and save the rest.

Scratch that, "You deserve it for giving a dead-beat father money at all" Anyways, sounds like my dad. Doesn't he get unemployment checks, whats he doing with that?

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Since OP said "help pay for bills" I'm assuming that the unemployment money goes to the rest of the bills that OP isn't paying. Unemployment isn't that much money, and we don't know what the cost of living is where they are, or what the situation is. Whether Dads in debt and trying to pay it back, or what.

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Jewel, even if the OP is living with parents, that's still no right for the dad to complain about how much and where the OP spends their money... The dad has no job... If the dad wanted more money, then the dad shouldve charged more rent. Either way, the dad shouldn't be btching about the OP's money habits till he gets a job of his own. Seriously, as a parent myself, I am disgusted by OP's father... I would never ask my child to pay for stuff while I stayed home jobless...

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if you can make 300 a month move out. screw the asshole

Give this a bit of thought. You WOULD ask your adult, employed child to pay his/her way even if you were jobless...ESPECIALLY if you were jobless. How could you not when you're seeing your utilities and grocery bills shoot through the roof while your income is riding to the basement on a frieght train? You'd have no choice but to choose not to support someone who is more than capable of paying his/her own way.

Until you man up, get a job that can support yourself and move out; then you live by his rules and take it.

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we can't assume he's an alcoholic because she buys beer. she may only buy him a 30 rack for the weekend. and though it's not cool to yell at her for spending her money, he probably means well... just didn't come across that way. dads aren't as "soft" as moms when it comes to showing they care.

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if you bought me beer I'd never yell at you :-)

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lols @ Jewel... yes to paying a rent (that's not in question)... but no I wouldn't bitch out my child for spending their money they worked for while I sat jobless for 4 months... there's no excuse for being jobless that long (unless handicapped and if that's the case then OP sucks and should die for being ungrateful) other than pure laziness... But perhaps that's just me... I was raised to actually work for my living... the idea of being jobless for even a week bothers me...

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There's always SOMETHING you can do to earn some money. As for the OP spending the electric and such... lols... I think maybe you've got that problem or something with the way your stuck on that idea. There's no mention of OP even living at home... So who knows (besides the OP) on that part... lols

Yo jew fagot mayb the OP mom died nd she does all that shit for her dad and his drunk ass and wastes all the money he gets from his under minimal wage job but she works as a stripper after school cause shes 26 and got held back 8 times in 11th grade and is able to get $300 a month for her dad but the dad is so hooked on drugs nd his beer and wants to cover up his huge gambling losses and firing from mcdonals by telling his daughter SHEs the one spending too much money. Just kinda guessing on this one and it makes sense cause thats how things go down in my family (:

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If I were OP, I'd be claiming to be the bastard.

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*notices the OP is from one of the Carolina's* That pretty much sums it up. Kthanksbye.

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I live in south Carolina. Yes it does fit all the stereotypes :/

Sorry, but there is something majorly wrong with your dad.

Hey, I'd be a little cranky to oif a child of mine only settled to buy me cheap beer. o only take quality, thank you very much.

My comment has been rmoved so I shall say it again. Understanding that your dad needs help now, especially in this economy, but you also need to think about your life too.

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Stop giving him money -_- if he pulls that shit "I took care of you blahblah blahhh" tell him he's the dumbass that didn't use a rubber >:|

buy me some beer instead. I'm fun when I'm drunk!

If she lives at home, that'd be cutting off her nose to spite her face. Maybe try get control of your bills? Unfortunately, parents are so important that even if they're crap it screws you up to lose them. Help him with the bills, and tell him you don't have money to lend him for other things anymore.