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Today, I asked my husband if he thought I was pretty. He replied "compared to what?" He was serious. FML
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CyclonePsycho 1

Don't fish for compliments and you won't be insulted. There, easy enough solution.

devildog42787 0

YDI for asking such a stupid question


IDoNotLikeYou 0

Would he marry you if he didn't think you were pretty? No.....wait, do u have money?

either go hit the gym or don't ask questions you're not prepared to know the answer to.

This isn't even an FML... This is just some woman pouring out her insecurities to the world.

token_blackguy 18

most of the female "fmls" are like that and kudos to her husband

I agree with Endo22. YDI for fishing for compliments.

waterynuggets 0

Hmm yes because husbands shouldn't compliment their wives... They should belittle them and keep them down. Right? What loserish comments 2,3,5,8,13. I hope nobody ever has to be your wife.

boatkicker 4

Frowzy, they didn't mean "he shouldn't compliment you" they meant "you shouldn't ask. He will do it on his own when he wants, to but you shouldn't be greedy asking for compliments all the time."

Compliments should be given freely, not fished for. They hardly mean anything if you have to ask for them. She deserves it for being so absolutely insecure.

Yes, compliments should be given freely, but there's no reason to be a jerk in response to someone asking for one, especially if you're in a relationship with them/married to them.

paprikacha is right. why are you all assuming the op asks for compliments all the time? maybe this is the first time ever. maybe she's just had a bad day. or had a really bad haircut.

Reyo 2

Paprikacha: You underestimate how annoying it is for people to "fish for complements". Even if it's just one time. All it does is say "I have so many insecurities that I need you to tell me how pretty I am." Seriously, suck it up. If we didn't love you, or think you were pretty, why in all holy hell would we still be with you?

Reyo, it's so great that you live somewhere where all husbands always love their wives. And wives never have to ask their husbands about their appearance because they're all pretty anyway.... Wait. Do you live in Stepford?

i totally agree with what ur saying! Guys should compliment their wifes/gfs. It helps us know that they still love us or that they still are turned on to us. Alot of women have insecurities about their beauty. I do, but when my husband tells me "baby your so beautiful" it just erases all of the mean thoughts I had in my head about my "beauty". lol .Who agrees?

waterynuggets 0

What Katt Williams said about self-esteem summed it all up pretty good.

Well PelliHellboy, I'm very glad you're confident enough to publish your thoughts online despite being illiterate. That takes real guts. And it makes you devastatingly attractive. Hope you like the honesty! :D

waterynuggets 0

You might want to look up what illiterate means first, dumbass. Oh, and "you sound fat." lulz

that's funny waterynuggets cos you sound like an imbecile xD

waterynuggets 0

Uh huh, I'm sure you have no difficulties finding your own kind but leave me out of your butterhead tirade. :)

How are you 15 and married?.. to butterfly hearts

no he's not, she's putting him in a terrible situation by fishing for compliments besides, if she is that ugly, he is clearly not a dick since he's staying with an ugly woman. I don't think I'd do that.

yeah that's right youreanidiot (hmm, i could just end this post here...) "in sickness and in health, but not if you get ugly!" so no pregnancies or aging for your wife. nice that romance isn't dead.

Yeah, this was obviously a response to her raging ugliness. It can't be that he's just annoyed at her insecurity and her fishing for compliments. Oh yeah, and so nice of you to remind us that all pregnant and old women are disgusting, I'd forgotten that myself.

HyperExecuter 0

well... it's a legitament question...

youthink_fml 0

Serves you right for begging for a compliment. And if he said yes you'd complain that he only said it because you asked. It's lose/lose with women like you. You never hear a guy ask "Do you think I'm handsome? Huh? Do you? Huh?".

BrownSugar_fml 5

well, did you want him to lie? haha not sure it's an FML

Nah, he means there is nothing anywhere close to your great level of beauty to which you can be compared. Hopefully.

That's what I would have thought too, OP is just looking for the negative side to everything by the looks of it..

devildog42787 0

YDI for asking such a stupid question