By fiery - 24/07/2010 00:06 - United States

Today, I was reaching for something in the back of the refrigerator. The bottle of hot sauce that was in front of it fell and broke. Not only did the glass cut my feet up, but the hot sauce got in the fresh wounds. FML
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Always put the hot sauce on the door. Lesson learned.

HAHAHAHA; Fuccck your life clumsy :)


Take the stuff out, reach for what you want, put stuff back in. Easy. :P

YDI for putting your hot sauce in the fridge.

Seems like that would be the obvious thing to do #1, but OP apparently likes to avoid the obvious.

4 hot sauce is amazing !!!

That's hot.

how is dat hot ?

Pun intended.

hot sauce is gross

Ah yes 22, I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that phrase was irrelevant! :)

wow haha I'm dumb :(

When I was 18 I was eating some hot wings with my girlfriend and starting making out. Well to put a long story short I fingered her and burned "The Fuck" out of the coochie. Yea Yea iDY

mmm... I love hot sauce!

28 thanks for that story it made me laugh Hahaha!

haha 28 I'm gona try that :p

There is a life lesson I this, read newtons 3rd law of motion :)

that's pretty original but I think this is fake because if you are taking things out if the fridge you have both feet on the ground then when you accidentally knock the bottle out and break it, who would lift their foot up and step on it? I mean really!?!? cool story tho if it's true and would hurt pretty bad

It's not that complicated, #35.

flirt why would you try that? lol I mean it would be pretty funny for you but the girl might bitch all night about her burning vagina.

well maybe shell like the torture :p

ugh I really want to know why comments get moderated. there was no vulgar language in my previous point, just trying to stretch some imagination.

Eh maybe she will or maybe we will see a FML: Today, a guy I was fooling around with fingered me after eating hot wings. It burned my vagina like hell and he laughed. FML.

haha ya that would be me ;)

44 it's because you said the FML was fake, that's a big no-no :D

#44: Oh man! What a tough question. This is serious. I've been racking my brain. You know, I really can't come up with a reason. Other than that you broke one of the rules clearly listed in the site rules, but you know, that CAN'T be it!

raleigh did you get banned, like me? :)

Aha, of course not Pingpong. :] What did you do..? :o

thanks 49 and 50- I only look at FML's on my iPod (using the app) where the rules are not posted like they are on the site. Nice creative response tho :)

Hahah, I can just imagine that happening to someone. Would be funny as hell. :P

Looks like that hot sauce showed you.

Oh yea I just added my hot wing ex girl on facebook. And I'm taking her to wingstop if she accepts.

Bianca, don't call me a number. :|

I don't know! maybe I should check my email. probably for having conversations on here.

Whatever, tiny one. :] Pingpong, check your messages.

You try that and you'll won't be laid anytime soon.

captain, you're jealous.

I LOVE hot sauce!:)

try it in the but

yes the hot sauce !! :p

are serious it's like heavin in a bottle !!!

ouch... how sad... so sad...

ey it's ops fault for bein dumb

I put that sh*t on everything, and apparently, so does the OP

my feelings exactlyyy #4.

o boytht musta felt good. "and while ur at it why dont u give me a papercut and poor lemon juice in it"

boohoo I had a half galon glass break and shatter on my toes then my reaction was to pick up my foot and prance around so I stepped on the glass.

the majority of people put their hot sauce in the fridge genious .-.

"'tis but a flesh wound"

33 that is really smart

HAHAHAHA; Fuccck your life clumsy :)

I gotta tell you the same thing I tell everyone that takes pics of themselves in the mirror. it's a nice pic..... but..., if you look at the mirror right before you take the pic, we would see your eyes :).

Always put the hot sauce on the door. Lesson learned.

Lol sorta like a lemon in the eye? It hurts, do not do it.

that sounds yummy, if you have a foot fetish....

I agree. P.S. You're purty. :-)

How???? Really? He deserves it because... Your a hater?

You just got burned. Had you then accidentally slid your foot across a rug, that's another burn. And then if someone said something sassy to you, that's a triple burn! <3 Demetri Martin FTW

#11 Your extremely cute(:

That's probably because #11's picture is off the Internet. :]

His extremely cute what?

are you serious? people like that are annoying. thanks for the heads up.

135, not only is your comment stupid, but you were the first person to reply. Next time, shut the fuck up the first time.

oww. omg that makes me cringe :/

public bathroom FTL? really?

Public Bathrooms are icky -_-

by the powers of naughtyness i declare this particular drop of hot sauce to be really really hot. muahahahaha

Yeah Spongebob! Now where's my applejuice? :3

spongebob. niiiice

Patrick ftw !!

invisible boatmobile, ftw?