By sashimi9999 - 07/02/2014 01:32 - United States - Salinas

Today, while cleaning a carpet in my house, something in it sliced my foot. I couldn't find what it was, so I went to clean the wound. 10 minutes later, I sliced my foot again on the same thing. I still can't figure out what it was. FML
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That's terrible! Dig up all your carpets or get them cleaned professionally! Good luck! Or maybe wear shoes!

Maybe you shouldn't walk there without shoes then.


746278Ab 14

That's terrible! Dig up all your carpets or get them cleaned professionally! Good luck! Or maybe wear shoes!

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professional cleaning is a good idea. I'd also make sure I was up to date on tetanus shots too, in case it was a rusty thumb tack or nail.

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Fun fact, #45: the bacterium that causes tetanus infection doesn't live exclusively on rusty surfaces. The bacterium is simply anaerobic, meaning that it doesn't use oxygen, so it tends to live mostly in the ground; rusty objects are also commonly found in the ground, which leads to the belief that tetanus infection results from rusty objects puncturing the skin. Regardless of possible tacks onthe ground, though, it's still a good idea to keep your vaccine records up to date, including tetanus.

#52. that was actually very informative. thanks for that, I was hoping you would say something stupid when I started reading that so I could say " paging doctor ******".

the carpet is likely loose and does not expose the sharp object until pressure is put on the carpet.

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thanks #52! OP said it sliced the skin.. so wouldn't that be puncturing? since the object went through the layers of skin in order for it to be a "slice"

There's a tiny kitten assassin! Be watchful, OP

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Puncture, slice, buttcramp... It's all the same. It still breaks the skin and hurts.

Maybe you shouldn't walk there without shoes then.

18- hate to burst your bubble, but a lot of things can cut through socks easily.

It was probably a staple. Carefully narrow your search area, and then take a hammer and hit the ground to try and flatten it out. Good luck OP!

Yeah I agree with 81. And staples really hurt to stab you with full force.

It's a carpet from hell! Burn it! (Preferably in a safe way.)

I prefer to burn my items in a Shoppers, or a Giant. But a Safeway works too.

I burn my items for heat at your local WalMart

Haha very clever, wouldn't have thought of that, but yeah just beat the carpet with a hammer or something to flatten the object out or get it professionally cleaned.

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Time to vaccum your carpet and see what it picks up. It could be glass that you keep cutting yourself on and you just can't see it because it can blend in depending in the color carpet and size of glass. And shoes help in this situation.

possibly, if it's on the edge of the carpet it could be one of the staples that holds it in though.

Or it could be a mutant from Monster Level X that stomps like my neighbors upstairs and has nails like my great nana all while singing row-row-row your boat through a car wash.

That was my first thought too, 5. Even the tiniest shard of glass can cause a very deep and painful cut and tiny pieces of glass can be very elusive.

In my experience those pieces of glass stick to the foot...

You can't back track from the trail of blood? Maybe try a magnet, you could get lucky and it might be magnetic. Or for glass, try shining a torch down low, it might sparkle.

Sorry, should say flashlight for Americans. Just in case people are tempted to go looking for hidden shards of glass with a flame on a stick of wood.

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Haha I was actually thinking why someone would use a small piece of wood when you can use a flashlight... My bet is that it's something heavier than a shard of glass, since it didn't move when OP got cut the first time, heavy enough to still be implanted in the same spot on the carpet.

there is a chance OP is an idiot and is stepping on carpet staples where the kitchen starts. if it's in the same place as mentioned...

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Torches arent just sticks with flames. I mean, I have a propane torch, almost like a flame thrower......its pretty cool. It shoots flames a good foot and a half.

Try vacuuming? Even if it isn't sucked up you might hear the vacuum try. Gl searching

"Today, while cleaning a carpet in my house..." Usually when people are cleaning a carpet they are doing so by vacuuming it.

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Carpet will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

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