By Wrongdoor - United States
Today, I was taking a placement test for the new college I am going to. After the test and picking up a few numbers, I left with great pride. I opened the door and started walking out. I then realized that I had walked into the closet. FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0

Guys find this cute,

So next time after doing something stupid and/or senseless make sure you chat a few guys up who saw you

This is when it turns into a LML

  saviisneat  |  0

How is this a FML? Where are the MODS???? Why aren't they MODERATING like they are supposed to? So you walked into a closet...walk out of it. Simple. WOW

  baden18830  |  5

hey 16, get the fuck over yourself. this is a great FML bc it's funny. if you want weepy BS that isn't entertaining at all, but quite stupid and ignorant, check out it's more your speed.

By  beachgirl199661  |  0

ha ha ha it just proves your smart factor and it was a great ending to a interview!

no, I am just kidding!

you should have ended saying I wanted to come out of the closet!

ha ha you might have just messed up your position though...

To those of you who are saying who cares well the executives.

they might think he is to stupid for the part and he might have messed up his career

In this economy he might as well say I'm stinking rich and I don't need a f***ing job see ya suckers!

  saviisneat  |  0

beachgirl you are retarded. You tried to diss all of us when in reality you made yourself look like a fool. Why don't you try reading for a change. When you read, you understand more things. Like how she is trying to get into a college, not a job. You sound like a complete bitch of a douche. Try again please.