By SHARIFFO - 07/11/2009 08:18 - Palestinian Territory

Today, my mom came up to the school to give me some money and a few water bottles for my friends and me for soccer practice. Before she left, I said "bye", then I realized my 2-year-old brother waving bye to me. So I bent down through the window to kiss him. As I did, my mom moved the car. It still hurts. FML
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SHARIFFO tells us more.

I Would have wrote more to be more specific but the site doesn't allow that much words. This is what happened: "Imagine a car moving in front of the whole school with legs sticking out of the window..." All My Friends laughed, my mom never knew, she never stopped, i was scared as **** to speak so i just got half of my body out in time as she drove off. She then stopped the car & realized asap & asked if i was okay. I was like "o.O?!"

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Who would vote YDI for this? cruel people. Ouch.

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I think it's great that you aren't afraid to show your baby brother love. A lot of teen-aged boys wouldn't do that, especially in front of his friends. Your Mom should have been paying attention. She missed a cute moment with her sons, and could have hurt you even worse than she did.


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OK, so quick english lesson. It is not ALWAYS going to be "my friends and I", it does not always work. A good way to try if it does work is by removing "my friend and" and seeing if I alone works. If it should be me, then write "my friends and me". Example: "a few water bottles for my friends and I for soccer practice". By removing "my friends and" it now will look like "a few water bottles for I for soccer practice". That sounds very stupid. Therefore, "a few water bottles for my friends and me for soccer practice" is the correct wording. The over all structure is incorrect but I won't get into that, at least you now know how to use "my friends and I" and "my friends and me" correctly.

Congratulations, you have just been voted as geek of the day -.- Look where he's from. Give him a chance. Just because it's mainly Americans who post at this site, and the standard is high, you don't have to correct everyone. I wonder why the main part is americans though. On the other hand... being an american is a FML itself.

wow, it was actually editted. FYI: i wasn't making fun, or trying to be offensive. I was simply putting this out there because so often this error happens.

This is messed up, i'm not from "Palestinian territories" I am Originally from Canada, but I posted this while i WAS in Palestine for the Week. I Now Live in Toronto, Mississauga Valley Blvd. (My Home) And btw, wow i made a simple small mistake in grammar, like BIG DEAL! -.-

lmao its the first time i see an author reply to his/her own FML!

shut the hell up 70. it's ok your jealous. and besides, I see more fmls from France, uk, and Canada than I do US.

This site is originally French. I googled it, more Europeans post to this site than anyone else, in fact, the number of European posters are much higher than the numberof American posters. I'll take that geek of the day award now. 8|

Thats horrible =(

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Well maybe not so much. It might hurt now but I doubt she like floored it, so I'm sure its not too bad :/ though it depends on the type of driver your mom is.

I don't get it...

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Agreeing with 23. I doubt it was that bad and probably doesn't even hurt much. Kind of a dull FML.

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ouch... OP that sucks for u

Imagine a car driving off with a Pair of legs swinging through the window. Yeah, that's about it. :S

good to see your mum was aware of her surroundings

Who would vote YDI for this? cruel people. Ouch.

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44 you arent funny.

dam, lol, u should be like " mom come and try this"

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You deserve it for having a neck

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look where this is coming from...