By caitywebbkid - Australia - Perth
Today, I was cutting some paper when I accidentally cut a sizeable chunk out of my finger. I went to my car to get my bumbag (I'm a lifeguard) so I could patch it up. I then promptly got a large piece of glass in my foot. FML
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  species4872  |  19

And we love it here.

  manofmerr  |  27

Thats because you're a australian. You've adapted to everything trying to kill you. You're probably able to heal quickly and jump 50 feet in the air. Im a New Yorkian. Put a computer in front of me and i can do most anything. Put me in the wild, and i'll either learn to teleport, or be very unhappy.

By  kenyrabit  |  25

"(I'm a lifeguard)" who completely disregarded their safety with scissors (perhaps safety-scissors?) and then took a barefoot trip, a distance that should've be shorter for a "bumbag".

Still sucks about the wounds, though. It's the worse that they're on your hand and foot.

  awesomeamandas  |  37

someone doesn't realize that lifeguards and other people who save lives are humans too and make mistakes all the time.
even being careful you can still injure your body. Hell, I was cutting popsicle sticks one day, thumb away from the blade of the scissors a good amount and I still managed to cut a very large portion out of my thumb when the stick caused the blade to bend.
you also do not know if OP were barefoot or not, they could have been wearing flip flops or some other kind of flimsy shoe. even if they were barefoot they don't deserve to get a piece of glass stuck in their foot. because that shit hurts like a motherfucker and can take months to heal.

  caitywebbkid  |  5

Ignoring the fact that lifeguards don't use scissors anyway (except those tiny medical ones), and thus there isn't some protocol on them, it was a complete accident. I didn't go "hey, let's put my fingers directly on the blade and see what happens". I slipped, simple as that.
And yea, I was barefoot. My car was in my driveway, a total of 5 steps away. I'm not putting shoes on for that. Plus I actually think the glass was inside, not out, but that's not the point.
Saving lives doesn't make me immune to accident or injury. It just means I'm doing something good with my life to help others. ✌?️