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  Lisa89  |  13

Maybe he was just really tired. Yawning doesn't mean you're not enjoying something, it can just mean you're super tired or whatever reasons there are for yawning.. Idunno

  rzbt21  |  13

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  nabo4u  |  13

I'd say a yawn is better than a grimace. at least you aren't a scraper. watch some porn and get better at your technique. I don't care how tired a guy is, if he's into it, he won't yawn.

  Jordna  |  13

Yawning means you don't have enough oxygen in your body, not that your bored or tired. It could be while you were doing it he was holding his breath because he did like it.

  xBangOut  |  13

* Yawn * Every guy is thankful for every BJ he can get, even if you kinda suck at sucking, you might get better after a while and avoid situations like this. You know, teaching process might be kinda boring so.. yeah ;D

  Sappheyes  |  13

I've done it once or twice. Sometimes breathing really heavily but slowly will make your body yawn. Also yawning is not related to boredom, it's more related to regulating the temperature of your head. Look it up. You might have just made him breathe really hard and get so hot that he had to yawn. And hey, sometimes it feels great.

  RadAtThis01  |  6

thanks! i can't see peoples profiles, on the phone so yeah. I love kids on FML acting like grown ups but look like young teenagers. I'm 24 before proff start talking crap.

  birdmansangel  |  7

yawning is the bodys way of taking in more oxygen when needed. it only happens a lot when you're tired cause you're relaxed and your breathing is usually slowed, therefore needing more oxygen

  Sappheyes  |  7

Actually, no. Studies have shown that the body takes in less oxygen during a sustained yawn than during regular breathing. It seems to have more to do with regulating our temperature. The body heats up a bit when sleeping, so when relaxed we may also feel a slight temperature increase.

  imababeee  |  12

pretty sure if that was a real pic her boyfriend would pay her attention #7 you are a dickhead for wishing for people to believe that pic of a slut is you.

  We_Tod_Ed  |  12

Your boyfriend pays no attention to you because you won't put out and spend all you time on FML trolling for attention from eleventeen year old minded dudes that take pictures of their abs

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