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Today, I started crying in class because of a sad part in the book I was reading. I got pulled out into the hallway and my male teacher asked, "Is it your special time?" FML
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MusicLastForever 4

Who cries to their male teacher about pregnancy....

shanemaximo 7

You should just have said, "I always thought it would feel exciting to kill someone. *sob*."

Were you reading the Hunger games ? Cause I cried reading that book too. R.I.P Rue.

Dammit man! I was just about to get to that point! Well, time to go fly one of those airo planes

Wow thanks 117 I haven't gotten there yet, God dammit:-(!

Idonebeenhad 17

MODS! REMOVE 117'S COMMENT! She's ruining the book for people :( Please and thank you! :3

I forward 178's motion, its up the the judge now people

I hope it was Harry Potter.. The part where Dumbledore died was really sad. :(

I would be really scared if this happened to me, but then again I do go to an all boys school.

No it wasn't. The bit where Dobby died was really sad.

Naomimi_fml 6

She was crying because she was reading a Twilight book, those are so awful. I would cry if I had to read one.

#24 I obviously know that. And I also know its Justin and not Justine... But thanks for pointing out my intentional spelling error. -.-

I'm actually serious! I'm a lit geek and want to know out of interest.

memyselfandI07 1

The bible? No, everyone dies at the end.

DaKillaMafia 2

Where the red fern grows almost made me tear 3rd grade

Damn I read where the red fern grows and it made me tear up too in elementary school, you would have to be heartless not to.

pinkcrayola 0

77 thanks for spoiling the ending -.-

MerrikBarbarian 9

Momma's Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird and Awakenings were both depressing books I was required to read in school

it was an alright book but it took way too long to get to the good part and then there was still half a book left

Maybe it was The Last Song or The Giving Tree or Of Mice And Men..... cried at the end of Mice and Men? was sad :( but..what else do you think would have happened?

Life of Pi is depressingly comforting.

The NDAA that Obama signed nullifying the bill of rights.

theladyofepic 3

It could be The Book Thief, I couldn't read that in class because it was so sad.

Being in a college English class as a junior, my teacher chooses either a) books that make you sad as **** or b) books that make you suicidal. Fuuuuck

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton... I cried when Johnny died :(

163 -I couldn't like ur comment enough, that had to be my favorite book ever! I don't know what it is about it but damn the outsiders was an incredible book I have read it about a million times!

DAMMIT I'm reading this currently, and you just ruined it. thanks...

163 that book makes me wanna name my son sodapop..

I could tell you who else dies in the outsiders but I'm not a dick

Its a good movie also. Honestly i want to say its my favorite book of all time. Along with of mice and men. Good movie, one hell of a book

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing so many people here still read.

tdawg4200 0

The bible would make me cry too. It's so full of bullshit.

GovernorGeneral 8
blackheart24 10

She probably got done reading the Harry Potter series and was crying because it was over. I remember the empty feeling I had after finishing the seventh book... It was like turning the final page of my childhood ;(

MissAimeeAngel 15

Where the Red Fern Grows, it is absolutely the saddest book I ever read as a child. Definitely made me cry, it would probably still make me cry; but it was such a good story.

The bible is a horrendous book full of slaughter done by an invisible being... I cry even thinking about how it's the bestselling book of the world.

Haha I cried when I read I'll love you forever by Robert munshkin?

brunomars09 3

The Giver was the saddest i read. specially when he finds out how they kill the babies :c

OneLittleAdditio 9

Omg thank God. I thought no one was gonna mention The Giver. My favorite book ever. its so educational and entertaining. that book had me thinking about its ideas for months after I read it :)

Matty1188 6

Yes it is and it's beautifully written. Ps: enjoying your apple juice? No one drinks beer with a straw ;)

bosskidz20 2

136- I cried at the end of chapter 5, when George crushes candy.

iluvevil01 11

208- Omg ikr? The giver was so sad! We had to read it for our elementary class at our school and everyone was depressed from it :(

ryry013 6

195 your picture matches your comment perfectly. The outsiders was definitely a good book

A rubbish book but it has one incredibly sad part is the house of night betrayed I don't cry at books but I bawled my eyes out at that

206) actually its the most shop lifted book in the world

I'm reading that now. It's horribly sad, yet the best book I've ever read.

I read it in fourth... It was so sad...inter ip.

Ignore that. I didn't mean to send it.

And just when I was about to give up completely in my generation, fml just gave me a little more hope!

thischick1659 1

Probably a Lurlene McDaniel book. Those books make me cry every time!

elizabeth9m 4

I cried when i read The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns :'c

When I was at secondary school, I had to analyse poems. Admittedly they were great poems, but they had the weirdest subjects- a kleptomaniac going into great depths of detail about stealing a snowman, a person playing god that is intent on killing things and ultimately the reader, and finally a woman who beheads her one-night stand. Got to love Carol Ann Duffy depression at 14.

I want to thumb up but there are 69 thumbs :)

No it's not! Only the cruel and the wicked die either by war or age or execution! The bible is a true story about how the world started and how we should live our lives! Its an amazing book if you take te time to read it. Which I dd because I had history of Christianity as a class.

I cry all the time when I read! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books. The endings of Shiver and Linger had me bawling even though they aren't the most advanced of books to read, I really enjoyed that trilogy.

^ I would love to know what schools you attended. That way, if I ever have children I know which ones to cross off the list first.

FaithDawson 8

Well number 70, that's a hell of username to choose. :/

He could have used "Horny_Shark", same thing, just saying.

Thank you for using "just saying." at first I thought you were singing, but you have made it clear that you are just saying.

Miss_Trejo 5

I hope you are a girl....

DontClickOnMe 28

Well I'm sure it is. What teacher would ask a male student if it's their special time? That would just be weird.

Shouldn't make a difference if a guy cries instead of a girl.

melibear89 7

4- That's a Stupid comment. What guy bleeds? Unless you know of a few that do.

CrassKal 27

#26- Unless the teacher is mocking them.

tdawg4200 0

There you go sticking to your gender scripts that men don't cry. And people, use some common sense. Clearly OP is a girl.

Perhaps not since she submited this FML...

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Perhaps she could have been. Maybe it was embarrassing that it was a male teacher and that he actually said "special time." :p

Yes, well... alright time to go give myself a thumbs down.

"Why of course! Would you to join me?"

wlddog 14

I was gonna ask the same thing.... OP is just being a bit too emotional.. Course,, why did the teacher need that info?

That seems inappropriate, but what were you reading?!?

Grapes of wrath? Very very sad book...

julialinn 2

A Junie B. Jones book, of course.

The Lovely Bones... That film creeps me out. The book is worse, there is more detail. *shudder* :(

kimcompton83 12

Thank your teacher for being concerned?

"Thank you teacher for caring about my menstrual problems"

Redoxx_fml 22

Or just yell out: "It's peanut butter jelly time!"

Haha kind of funny. However that was rude of him to ask that.

maronofhearts 19

How rude of your teacher to notice you were crying and try to help. Such a terrible person he is indeed for caring about his students

The fact that he said what he said is rude. The fact that he cared was not rude, he could have simply asked if everything was okay.

Why was it rude? He was trying to help, at least he didn't ask her that in front of the whole class!

it's rude because it's none of his damn business! and also, when girls get upset and guys ask if they're on their period, it illegitimizes any real emotions for women. it makes it so we're not allowed to be sad or angry unless we're experiencing a hormonal imbalance brought on by our menstrual cycles.

I don't think it's OP's special time, I think OP is just special. If you know what I mean.

I think I know what you were intending, and it was rude and unfunny.

I think you are a rude, dumb, idiotic, stupid, ignorant assface if you know what I mean.

Michael_92 20

Wow so you make fun of as you say "special" people? What the hell is wrong with you!?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#71 - Your redundancy isn't helping your insult.

I know but my redundancy is redundant. :)

11-**** you. I know lots of kids with aspergers and other learning disorders that are probably better people than you.

MusicLastForever 4

Hey that's alright. I cried in class when I read The Hunger Games. Your teacher just wants to make sure you're okay. ;)

hthelittleone 10
MusicLastForever 4

I know. I read it in 2 days.

Doubt it… that books 1,000,000,001 pages long.

We don't all read at a 1st grade level, Antwon.

MusicLastForever 4

It has like 320 pages. BRO.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Whole trilogy. Sick in bed. 1 day. Amazing.

Don't worry OP, today I also cried in class. I was reading Frankenstein and it just kills me when the creature starts his tale.