By Anonymous - 11/06/2011 00:14 - United States

Today, I was swimming at the water park, when out of nowhere a lifeguard bombed into the pool, grabbed me, and hauled me to the surface, running his hands over my chest in the process. Apparently, the way I swim makes it look like I'm in my drowning death throes. FML
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he was running his hands over your chest? hmmmm.... I don't think his intentions were to save your life.....

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hey at least you know the pool has lifeguards that do their job!


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hey at least you know the pool has lifeguards that do their job!

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He was looking for an excuse to touch your tits.

They also know how to haul a women to the ground, grabbing her tits.

I feel like Bombing the pool is a little exsessive.

I feel like Bombing the pool is a little exsessive.

Who said anything about bombing the pool?

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umm.. OP?

"Bombing into the pool" and "bombing the pool" are different, though. Much different.

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43- Figure of speech...

Or if OP is a chick then the lifeguard was just lonely and wanted a feel

I see lots of exaggeration here. If the lifeguard thinks someone is drowning, they jump in, and he's a lifeguard, he has to touch you to get you out. This is in no way an FML.

that was great.

I'm not EVEN gunna ask why you have a kneepad on. I can only imagine, though.

92, 77's pic is not 77, it's of Debbie Harry AKA Blondie. If you would like to know why Blondie is wearing them, feel free to send her some fan mail, she might even answer, I'm sure she gets a lot less than she used to.

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maybe you just look awkward when you swim? haha this happened to my cousin too. :)

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too many people with no life experience. have you idiots even seen a lifeguard before? do you think they stop to make sure their hands are an appropriate distance away from any areas of interest? i mean come the fuck on, so many people who actually think this is inappropriate conduct...its pathetic.

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25 26. how do u know OP isn't a guy...?

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123 it says the gender

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thank you 120. I am a lifeguard and I hate hearing people say that we can touch all the hot chicks. Dipshits, we are trying to save their life. You jack ass holes can go watch some porn if you think we are inappropriate.

Maybe OP needs to learn how to swim properly so that it doesn't look like she is drowning while she swims.

120, 139, calm down. I'm pretty sure that they were joking.

Op wasn't even drowning and yes, I was joking.

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She was saved by the grope-guard.

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I think he just wanted to run his hands on your chest

I honestly don't think it's her fault.

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Guys, shut the fuck up. Acting like touching people is appropriate and/or selective to chicks. I could very well feel up a guy as a lifeguard. (Those who will tell me that OP is a girl, I know that. Except they didn't.. So I'm pissed.)

And apparently grope the drowning people they're supposed to save

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Guess that would suck to go to the beach.

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Yea, it would! A shark grabbing your chest wouldn't feel to good.

he was running his hands over your chest? hmmmm.... I don't think his intentions were to save your life.....

He had to have a feel, I guess that was his payment for 'saving your life'..

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or maybe the op was just exaggerating since she got startled, happens to everyone. or, the guy lost a bet?

the start of a porno.

where was the CPR?

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2nd base Giggity

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look as an EMT if you are going to save somebody you don't care where you touch them to get them to safety and keep them alive. it's the same way for life guards he was doing his job

Exactly what I was thinking lol! It would have been different for a man though...

That is unfortunate. But I have to ask, was he hot?;)

People hire lifeguards because they save lives, not to be eye-candy, and no

No he wasn't hot? Are you op Nazi? you seem to know much about what happened there.

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actually, #44, most, if not all the lifeguards I've seen happen to be pretty hot. I think a lot of the time they do get hired with looks in mind. the stereotypical lifeguard tends to be hot. my point is, this particular lifeguard has a good chance of having more than average looks

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Swimmers body. mmmmmmmm....that's why most lifeguards are hot, they're fit!

I totally agree. being saved be a life guard is aight. getting saved be a HOT life guard ROCKS !!!:):)

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at least it was a lifeguard and not some random dude

Isn't he still a random guy?

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that was a random dude

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that was a random dude

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Well he was a random lifeguard at least :P

I think he was trying to find an excuse to feel you up ;)

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Really!? Wow! That was not obvious at all.

39- I know! Good thing 7 is here to enlighten us.

Hm, if it wasn't for you two, I'd have no idea what sarcasm is, thanks guys!

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You should stop swimming like a common house cat then.

Is there an Uncommon house cat?

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Yes, yes there is.

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its called a lion...rawr

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a tiger

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a liger

So, it's kinda your fault then...?

you got felt up for free. enjoy!

I reckon there was some exaggerating going on here. The lifeguard could potentially lose his job if this was completely true. I doubt someone would risk their job just to touch some woman's boobs, even if she didn't swim like a drowning sheep.

um,... I'd loose my job to touch boobs. THEY'RE BOOBS!!

All women get felt up for free. Either that, or they get paid for it. That's the power of a vagina!

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96- Lighten Up, please.(: