By ouch - 29/02/2012 19:18 - Italy

Today, after a nice swim at the local pool, I ran into a naked girl in the showers. She screamed, kicked me in the nuts and ran off. I still have no clue what she was doing in the men's shower room. FML
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She was having a shower...

Doesn't matter. A girl touched your happy place. You're lightyears ahead of some poor soul in that regard.


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Ok bruhh check this scenario out. How bout if the girl was pushing 200 lbs with rolls upon rolls. Sure you saw some skin but ask yourself, was it worth it?

hellbilly205 17

She was waiting for a guy to walk in and kick in the nuts obviously...

boxbrandon11 20

This means she ran out of the means shower/locker room naked ;P

SesameSpeed 7

Bwhahaha awkward

She was making a Porno..

hawaiianfire 0

A kinky dominatrix porno involving kicking a guy in the nuts?

That sounds like a good start of a love story. Just like in the movies :D

shanemaximo 7

When you see this scene in ****, you always wonder in the back of your mind how it would turn out in real life. Question answered.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I actually hit my partner in the nuts when we first met. Not intentionally! We were sparring and he should of blocked my move in a sideways pose, but he turned suddenly to face me, leading to my hip hitting his balls the moment he asked me out. It was an odd way to start a relationship, but hey, it happens!

Bitches b crazy

SystemofaBlink41 27

You deserve to...not......exist...... *runs away*

Jakesterk96 8

*catches him* nice try you sneaky little bastard. :)

All the "but you saw a naked girl it was worth it" comments make me wonder how many really desperate lonely people are on this site...

Wasn't a chick, was Justina Bieber. That wasn't a knock to the nuts, its the condition known as Bieber fever. FYL indeed ):

still a better love story than twilight. is love, I guess.

Haha if she was good lookin, you're nuts can take a hit one for the team. But If she is ugly... Then that's like throwin an interception within your opponents 10 yard line.

Am i the only person that looked at OP's name, realised it was Emelia, and OP's sex is male -_-

aron666 25

Or not just ****

Still a better love story then twilight.

194- you should read the comments before commenting yourself. I said that already..

137- Why do people always spell Beiber's name wrong? It's Justine, Gawd! *throws giant amounts of sarcasm at people who don't understand it*

His name is Ouch. He lives in Emelia.

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Everyone loves tities

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She shoulda slapped you silly, you little Pervert

omarzrgz 3

88- here's an option, take that stick out your ass.

He's a perv for using the room his gender is typically supposed to use? Well, that changes everything!

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Can nobody here spell *******?

108- chill out. 88 was referring to a line in a movie.

142, I was saying it in my head with Uncle Frank's voice. Classic flick.

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She was having a shower...

Wicked361 8

^ Story

That doesn't explain why she was in the men's, MEN'S room. For MEN.

Joke went right over your head 181

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Pics or it didn't happen bro..


Doesn't matter. A girl touched your happy place. You're lightyears ahead of some poor soul in that regard.

I'ma start using that. Me - "She was totally feeling my nuts over and over again bro. I even told her to stop many times because the feeling of the kick... I mean the feeling of her was overwhelming." Bro - "Cool story bro." Me - " -_- "

Mmmmmm...... Foot to ball action, my favorite..... Would you like a Popsicle Chris?

49, well you're not typing anymore, but if you are replying to this comment, then yes you are, and when you're finish, no you're not.

crzysk8r 0

5- AND she was naked. BONUS!!!

Or maybe you were in the women's shower room..?

He probably made sure it was the men's before he left and posted this.

ppeanutbutter 1


maybe she's a tranny

158 ur dumb if she was a tranny she would have a dick ...

DontClickOnMe 28

Hopefully you weren't also naked, or I'm sure that kick in the crotch would probably hurt some more.

I don't know... Getting kicked in the crouch hurts regardless of clothing or not. It's like getting shot. Wearing a shirt isn't going to make much difference.

UNLESS you are wearing ball armor.

DontClickOnMe 28

Lol, yeah I wasn't sure. That's why I said probably. I'm a girl so I wouldn't know, but thanks for the info! :D Now I know.

jisaac09 25

Think of it as the same as getting kicked in the ****. Even if you are wearing a padded bra it is still going to hurt like hell.

Because you have both right?

He just got out of the pool so he probably wasn't naked, but I don't imagine swim trunks would be much better... On a side note I hope this "kick in the nuts vs punch in the chest" debate ends :/

69 - It's called moobs.

BornToFlyThenDie 0

Nobody can really say what hurts more, I'm a girl. Getting hit in the boob hurts a lot and it last for some time. (not a lot probably about 2-10 minutes). How do you know what hurts more? Nobody does, maybe you could ask god.

All I know is getting kicked in the nads hurts more than giving birth. Before you all rage at me, think about it, when was the last time a guy agreed to go through it again? I know many a woman who said let's do it again, but no man I have yet met said "that was a good idea Steve, let's donor again." Please read this a a joke, I know some of you are devoid of a sense of humour.

Ask a transvestite.

Hmm, not that I have a fair way to compare this, but I'm going to say getting kicked in the jewels probably hurts worse than striking someone's breasts with an equal amount of force. I once ran full power into a tree stump, balls first, when I was 16 with enough force to make me wish I was dead while puking my guts up for about an hour. I think I'd still rather die than experience that special delight ever again. :p. Any girl here ever been boob-smashed hard enough to say the same? ;) And as far as child birth, I have no comment. It looks bad enough to not want to take anything away from anyone experiencing that sensation. Atleast your average groin kick pain ends in under an hour. (That tree stump brutalized me for 3 days though). Still, hard to compare apples and oranges. :)

How does one run balls first into a tree?

Tree STUMP.... As in a tree devoid of basically every aspect that would classify it as a standard tree. Assuming he was running in the dark, or just wasn't watching where he was running.

155- It was pitch dark and I was running through the bush, so if this my FML, I'd expect many YDI votes. ;P Seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. :p (Still, why anyone would cut down a tree at exactly groin height, I have no idea.)

Ouch ^ FYL dude, that really sucks balls (no pun intended) but seriously? 3 friggin' days?! Shit man

I reckon the pain of ovarian torsion would equate to that of getting kicked in the nuts, if not exceed it. Your tubes kinking and twisting, and the pain being the worst thing imaginable.. Oh man.. I think my ovaries just shuddered. I've felt it and I can tell you.. If getting kicked in the nads is anything like that, count me the **** out haha D:

smump 0

How would you know that?

I believe giving birth hurts more than getting kicked in the balls, and getting kicked in the balls hurts more than being hit in the boobs. The reason women would willingly give birth again is probably because of a bodily system which makes them forget the pain more easily, which would make sense as it is vital to the species. As to getting kicked in the balls/ being hit in the boobs, I've seen many guys balling up and staying on the floor for half an hour, and even throwing up after a reasonably light hit while I've never seen any girls do that. And I've just wasted a minute of your life with hypothesises which are probably true but about which you probably don't give a ****.

177, you can't compare getting kicked in the nuts and ovarian torsion, a fair comparison there would be testicular torsion.

At least a girl touched his junk then :)

Thats probably because guys dont get anything out of getting kicked in the balls and women get a child? Just an idea. I wouldnt want to do anything that didnt need doing once let alone twice...

Hey at least you got something to jerk off to tonight! :D

I think it might still be a bit tender :P

Or maybe YOU don't know what YOU were doing in the women's shower. >3

Why, women can't make a mistake.

Of course they can. My girlfriend and mother make many. Not to take sarcasm literally.

Obviously, it was sex. Look on the bright side, you saw a girl naked. ;)